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Apr 21, 2007
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A while back when taming first came back there was a list of the coordinates of where the tameable critters were on each planet. I know that a lot of things have changed since that time as new pets were introduced, some of the planet's servers were shrunk to save on monthly fees going to Mindark, etc. What are the coordinates of the tameable spawns on each planet? I've seen a couple of threads about the ones on Calypso, but the info on other planets is fairly sparse. has some info, but I don't think it's got all of what's out there...Copy of what that site says:
Pet locations
Here are some spawn locations of tamable creatures:
Bristlehog Pup: Planet Calypso - Near Port Atlantis [60940, 75641]
Combibo Young: Planet Calypso - West of Camp Echidna North Hangar [76313, 89262]
Cornundacauda Young: Planet Calypso - Treasure Island [36234, 53976]; South West of Jason Centre [74235, 79103]
Hogglo Pygmy and Hogglo Pygmy Black: Planet Calypso - Very rare occurrence, near Honuri teleporter in the PvP Zone
Green Leprechaun: Monria - West Crater
Tabtab (L1): Planet Toulan - East of Guardian Village [136031, 93323]; NW of Guardian Village [133687, 93420]
Arret: Planet Cyrene - South of 0x101 Supply Depot [138476, 76863]
Weak Paneleon: North of Rookie Training Area [138775, 77809]
Puny Mang Chang (L11): South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
Puny Rhino Beetle (L13): South-West of Zyn Forest [135776, 77506]
WolperTinger: This creature can only be spawned after having collected 200 Mazeweaver Certificates.
Nusul: Planet Arkadia - Near Robot Factory [21424, 13668]
Pandi Pup: Planet Arkadia - South Island Sanctuary, South of 8C Windy Isles [9558, 20937]
Oratan Miner (L24): Planet Arkadia - Undergound - Known locations are around Hidden Falls and SE of The Abyss - The tamable Oratan Miner is a L24 Oratan Miner Provider (different from the L23 Oratan Miner Provider) and it occurs occasionally among regular Oratan Miners
Adaptable Brown Papoo: Next Island - South of Crystal Center [137331, 83132]
Panther: Rocktropia - Around Panta Ridge [136050, 82200]
Android Video Vixen Clone Dancer: Rocktropia - In Hell [34661, 22265]
K-1, K-2, K-3 and K-4: Rocktropia - Tangerine District [134235, 83685]
Pygmy Island Gorilla: Rocktropia - Secret Island [38884, 18160] - Occurs occasionally among regular Island Gorillas
Pygmy Mountain Gorilla (L15): Rocktropia - Secret Island [38184, 19467] - Occurs occasionally among regular Mountain Gorillas
Pygmy Kong: Rocktropia - Secret Island [36243, 18560] - Occurs occasionally among regular Kongs
Sacred Kong: Rocktropia - Secret Island - Around Champion Beach teleporter. The access to this area is limited to owners of a Sacred Kong Idol. Tamable Sacred Kongs occur occasionally amond regular ones
Corinthian Kanin: Planet Calypso - NW of Altlantis Archipelago teleporter [60107, 69832]
Chirin Dragon: Planet Calypso - North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [60300, 70285]
Eudorian Devil: Planet Calypso - North of Atlantis Archipelago teleporter [61096, 70500]
Atrox: Any spawn, any maturity of Atrox anywhere can be tamed to obtain Atrox Pup
Atrox Sapphire Pup: This very rare creature has been seen in different places where regular Atrox is found

Where's the other spawns you have found? There's a few bristlehog up the hill by Icarus...
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May 22, 2008
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did i miss the mention about spawning pets ? ... this list looks like u could just find any somewhere :D
some pets and special versions needs tons of dead mobs before they spawn... a info how many it is would be handy too :D