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  • hi are u intress to buy that omegaton tire rate is 132/200 and ready for tire 3
    I don't think our EF membership level allows us to "Award" like Rayne Jade did.
    Oh... and I just saw a "donate" link appears on the left for each post.
    PENIS! Ow shite is this public? Mmm... hey listen I've 151.37 peds for u. Shoot a PM when u feel like it.

    Meh, neg rep me all u want but general consensus i got through other ppl was i was in the right and i was dealing with known trouble people. I don't see how anyone has a right to tell anyone else how to conduct business, u either deal with them or not. Lots of assumptions are made way off the mark and u jump on hte train with the other maybe 2 people who were too thick to see it may b more complicated than i let known and there may be a RL component to the deal or other reasons. You are now the 2nd ever neg rep i got, first being the same person i had an issue with. Hope ur proud of urselves, they don't scratch me in the least.
    Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    could you please set a time to meet ingame, i ve been trying to contact you throu ur soc mate. PM me here when you're online and ill be in twin in a couple minutes.
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