The Umbranoids: Part 2 - The Prophecy of Shadows


Aug 30, 2005
The Netherlands
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After having so much fun thinking about cool events, I decided to write a part 2 of my umbranoid story
Part 1 here:

The Umbranoids, Part 2
Years of Dedicated Research
Years of hard work fueled by Dr. Elara Xenith's unwavering determination pushed the RDI research team to explore the secrets hidden within the giant, unbreakable door. Elara, the leadscientist, carefully selected a handful of specialists and scientists for the project, all while safeguarding themselves from potential information leaks. Among them was a name that would raise eyebrows within Entropia: "Professor David Doer Falkayn"
Doer, known by many for his great contributions to Entropia has secretly been working for the RDI research team since he went missing in 2007.

Unearthing the Past
The team's efforts under Elara's leadership slowly started to pay off. They deciphered the ancient symbols and the cryptic meanings etched into the door's design. They uncovered new (and old) Umbranoid artifacts buried near the door and in the ruins of the forgotten Umbranoid village close to Limnadium District.

Professor Doer's expertise proved invaluable. His experiments, fueled by an old map he'd acquired – perhaps the most valuable find after years of research – led them to believe these artifacts were the missing pieces to unlocking the door.


Aligning with the Cosmos
A major breakthrough! Professor D figured out that it the map corespondents with the stars and planets in the sky. With confidence, Doer carefully arranged the first artifact on the door. In the center, he placed a radiant Umbranoid Bag (Bright), signifying the balance between light and darkness. This central position symbolized unity.

Elara stepped forward, the Umbranoid Symbol (Female) shimmering ethereally in her hand. Years of research all led to this moment. She meticulously consulted her calculations, needing to align the symbol with the constellations visible through a narrow opening in the ceiling. This celestial connection symbolized the bridge between their world and whatever lay beyond.

Opposite her stood Professor Doer, holding the humming Umbranoid Symbol (Male). A silent acknowledgment passed between them, the weight of their task heavy in the air. Just like the practiced for weeks, Elara began the alignment, Professor Doer mirroring her movements in perfect harmony. Time, however, was not on their side. The constellations shifted slowly in the night sky, a constant reminder of the limited window they possessed.

The Door Yields
The final alignment clicked into place with a soft hum. A wave of energy surged outwards from the symbols, washing over the researchers and causing the ancient door to shudder. In a burst of light and a deafening roar, the symbols shattered and the Umbranoid bag falling to the floor. The door groaning as gears ground into life after centuries of slumber. A narrow slit appeared in the center, glowing with an ethereal light.

Deeper into Darkness
One by one, Elara, Doer, and Jin, the tech whiz, crossed the threshold, embarking on their journey into uncharted territory.


The tunnel sloped downwards, leading them deeper into the heart of the earth. The ethereal glow from the door dwindled with each step, leaving them in an oppressive darkness pierced only by the weak beams of their malfunctioning lamps. Jin tinkered frantically, muttering curses under his breath.

Suddenly, a loud CRACK echoed through the tunnel, followed by the sickening sound of something heavy shifting. A wall of dust erupted behind them, momentarily blinding them. Coughing and sputtering, they fumbled for their weapons, a sense of dread settling over the group. Tehre was no way back now....

"What was that?" Dr. Elara Xenith whispered, her voice tight with fear.

No answer came, only the sound of their labored breathing and the ominous silence that seemed to press in on them from all sides. Doer gripped the Umbranoid Bag he brought along, its cool surface a meager comfort in the growing darkness.

"We need to keep moving," Professor Doer said, his voice surprisingly steady. "There is no other way than forward."

With a shared nod, they pressed on, their pace quickened by a newfound urgency. The tunnel narrowed, forcing them into a single-file line. The thick darkness seemed to weigh down on them, threatening to consume them whole. Their lamps fading more and more with every step. Every rustle, every creak of shifting rock sent shivers down their spines.

A Glimpse of the Unknown
Suddenly, a burst of blinding light shattered the darkness, accompanied by a chilling, echoing sound. Disoriented and bewildered, they struggled to regain their senses. Before they could react, they were swiftly blindfolded, their world plunged into darkness once again.

Doer, Elara and Jin felt themselves being forcefully pulled and tugged through tunnels and narrow corridors. Time stretched on, making every moment seem endless. They were dragged deeper and deeper into the heart of the cave.

Finally, the blindfolds were removed, and theyfound themselves standing in a dimly lit chamber, surrounded by mysterious figures. Strangely colored lanterns, the identities of these beings remained concealed. Their gazes were intense. After years of speculation and uncertainty, were they finally face-to-face with the descendants of a civilization they thought long lost?

Deeper mysteries and unseen challenges awaited in the heart of The Umbranoid city....


(part 3 coming) The Umbranoid city.... (SOON™)
Interesting read. I'm looking forward to the next instalment The Umbranoid City !

Shame there's no umbranoids in game anymore. Perhaps UE5 will provide (yet another solution) :)