Question: This on going "out of memory" milarki....


Mar 30, 2005
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Wistrel (Wisty) Chianti
Now I don't really want to moan but....

This out of memory error I (and several others I've spoken to) keep getting when we go to PA or Twin.... As far as I understand it, it is talking about video memory and the problem occurs due to there being too many avatars about. Setting ava detail down to low seems to often help but....

is this "reasonable"?

I mean as I say, I don't want to complain but my graphics card (a GTX260) has over 800MB of video memory and (just checked) even the newest, top of the range cards only have 1.5GB....

So my question is, have MA created a game that quite simply CANNOT run when many avatars are in one place, and is this a REASONABLE limitation for a modern day MMO?

If nothing else can't something be done to stop the game bombing out? I'd rather have say, the 50 closest avatars to me draw correctly and any beyond that render in simple grey (if there is REALLY not enough memory to load their textures) than have the game crash every time...

Surely it isn't acceptable to have things crash all the time?

Given SDS are embracing a new age of enhanced community communication this year, what would be REALLY nice is if they contacted someone from MA and asked them to at least explain WHY it is (in technical detail) that the game bombs out all the time in these scenarios? I mean, there is a specific error message.... so they MUST know what is causing it?

Just a radical thought