Help: what dose tier upgrade fully do?


Nov 30, 2012
iv looked thru the forums a lot and other sites which lot seem to have dead links >>... im wondering really what dose tier upgrade fully do and should i even bother with it and or just buy new better equipment?

for example i have a finder f-105 ready for the first tier upgrade. if i buy all the materials cost me about 95 ped.. but i can get another finder that well lvl my surveying better then this.

what well it boost as all that says in the bottom is its a better number then what its at.. but not what the number is for other then saying "its better" but how is it better? finds stuff deeper? finds more? lvls up skills faster?


Oct 24, 2013
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Tiering an item doesn't upgrade the item itself.tier 1 item is the same item as tier 0 item if none of them has enhancers on.It just ads a socket you can later on fill it based on your needs.The only difference is how you use enhancers and when and how much and where.
In hunting most of the items aren't worth tiering, people still do it because its either too cheap or just because it triggered .9 or just because they feel like spending some money for a hof or something or just addicted to tier everything for no reason.
The game theory behind it was initially basically you pay Mindark so you can later on gain advantage over other players by using the item.
Very few items makes a difference while tiering and using specific enhancers during specific periods to gain advantage over other players and increase your gained value from your work.
As for mining I have an educated guess but since Its not my field of expertise I will not talk about it.

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Jan 18, 2019
Higher number has a better chance to ding while your using it. Something around 10 will sit there for a long.... time.
An L weapon with tier numbers in the 1000s will tier up close to ten before you burn it up.
Those weapons break enhancers like it's going out of style. There's always a price to pay.
When I need a gun that's above my pay grade I buy an L to use as emergency instead of my U weapon.
A Tiered U weapon will cost you lots of Ped but wont need to be replaced.


Jun 26, 2013
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In mining it is important to go deep enough to find rare ores (beneath 800 depth) once you know where they are.

This does not mean you will get higher profit!!!

From my experience, the deeper you go the more of those you will get or hit, well for certain rares that is, not all.

Some say you burn more peds when they break and might hit a bigger claim because of that(cycling), I do not believe that so I do not use them for that reason.

Most of the time its cheaper to buy a tiered finder (UL I mean) cause people do not count how much they spend on tiering up, need peds so sell cheap or several other reasons.

L finders will break depth enhancers 2 x as fast than UL finders.

I cannot speak for hunting/armor or anything else, all I do is mining :)

As Bigdaddy already gave the mining guide link, you will find all info about concerning depth enhancers in it.

EDIT : Keep in mind that when using depth enh your costs will be higher so you need to use amps to have a higher return to compensate. My way of mining is keep it safe/make profit so up to amp 2 will be ok.
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