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Wow did they ever do some on the fly censoring in that thread eh?
Granny Rowan
Granny Rowan
Well I take it as a success that I actually had a post or two deleted. He has been talking shit far too long. :)
if i try to "insert and image" it propose me a web link and noit a "choose file" to do it...
can u explain to me how to upload a vHPG to forums pls?
ty for help
Hi i want an account for chipping Optimizer. I will donate ingame with peds! Thanks in advance...
Childish and ignored!
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Awww, sweetie, you multi disliked every recent post I have made when I asked questions or made suggestions, and then you go all diva when I return the compliment and dislike a few of your posts. Aww, sweetie, GROW UP? Lol.
Hey, do you still have that Ranked Scorpion? I'm interested in buying it. PM me if you want to sell it. Thanks
Heyyyy, i got you here nbow finally. Got 675 for the grenade and another offer i need to remember for another item. Log on EU soon ? Regards, Blondie
I understand it was so shitty but i know his nomeless listestyle has kicked his ass enoujgh but you still have a right to ask payment. say th ewordl and I will message everyi9ng reality tv or this sort of thing i know. I ap0logize on my brthers behalf
I know am am literally family with the guy that stol your runescape stuff I dont wnat ato hate hes homeless now. But iwe would get get sponsors invovled and he says sorry and promised to pay you back I have a Job he can work for me wich makes grea tmoney. IT was roughter for him i got to live longer with my dad. Moms is the one that tauht tealing reach me at alakas 907-2`18472
i said runesacpe on accident i know itsnot runescape]
Good to see that old school PvP players, like yourself, are still around!
Hopeyou are doing well ZippO, still enjoying 'salo and samagon' in Alaska buddy? :)
Dag DRDoom, dat is ook al weer 7-8 jaar geleden :) Hopelijk is alles goed met u!
see you 10~20years later after when i received novel prize :D
u naughty boys, grinding, time consuming for nothing but the shit :D :D
remember 2020-12-09 when i said "novel prize"
Hello. I'm interested in your Summer Ring 2019 for pure PED. I'm in game all day today and just send you a friend request. Luri UncleMo Nightshade

문득, 낙엽 낙화(落花 )소리가 발귓가에 거슬릴 무렵
모체(母體)에서 분화(分化)하여
봄, 여름, 가을, 겨울의 생을 보내고
내 옆에 와주었구나..

땅으로 곤두박질 치는 인류라는 나뭇잎들.

몸을 숨기기 위해
작은 구멍을 찾아 헤매고 있는
나의 마음을, 너는 헤아려 보았을까.

유년시절부터 함께 해온 그을음을
너라는 거울에 닦아 지워낼수 있을까.

울음으로 닦아낸 나의 상처
가득 씻겨나간 후에
문득 바라본 거울속, 그 상처의 조각들이

바람에 흩날리는 꽃잎처럼
내 손목을 감싸고 지나갈때

낙엽지듯 사뿐하게 지르밟는
붉은 빗방울이 내린 거울.
거울속 그림자조차 너의 시선에 눈돌릴때,

살기 위해
작은 구멍을 찾아 헤매고 있는
나의 마음을, 너는 헤아려 보았을까.