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  • Merry Christmas Lexi! Still unpacking, but very happy with my new place. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and especially New Years Eve Whooohooo! Yes, we for sure gotta do a team hunt on much to catch up on...You got it girl! I'm on in between unpacking every 8 or so boxes!

    Lol what i do now ..... Looking is still allowed :p and them razilian woman are NICE!! ;D
    I did plan to come in here and say happy birthday a few days ago but some how I misst it.....I did party for the both of us that day anyway :) Have a nice day:)
    Thanx, and yea we have chatted for short periods :)
    and thank you for the well wishes, same to you!
    May the hof be with you!
    You're like a celebrity, I saw you in Pink's banner for Pink Saturdays. :laugh: You just have a finger in everything don't you!
    Good luck to you too! I won't be able to partake in this event but hopefully we'll get a Sunday one :) Good Luck, kick some tail for me!
    To all those that may see this message, greetings.

    Know ye that on the 7th of February kl. 20 ma time, I will be unlocking the doors to the Temporal Destinies Society Lounge. After practically endless work (at least it feels that way) we feel that showing it to the public can benefit and help others to create a non storage like enviroment that you can relax in. Kick your feet up if we could actually do that :)

    Everyone and their brother are welcome to come, the more the merrier.. we wish we could serve drinks but the bartenders around still say that their shipment will arrive soon even after 7 years of waiting.. so conversation will have to do :laugh:

    Our home tp is Omegaton, go ne up the ramp through alpha to beta on the far side lvl 8.. repeat.. Omegaton Beta 8g.

    Come one come all.. see you there :tp:

    Hi Lexi, is this you? I didn't know your online name. Wow you sure look like your avi, gorgeous as always! Luv RexE
    Hi, thanks fore the nice welcome you wrote me. That means alot to me when feeling a litle lost in all the new:)
    Great result in the Miss Entropia event, looking good hon :)

    And you just happen to be in a soc with a clothes shop owner now? ;)
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