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Log of me not loggin in!

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*Edit* I just logged in Dec 10th, 2013
After over 20 days. I don't know why, I was just wanting to check things out. I figured I would be waiting until next VU and even though this one was looking terrible I thought I'd at least take stock and what not.
I got my shares from CLDs and sold what loot I had. I did 3 hunts on Molisk at Atami's cycling the loot I got back into more ammo. I got about 55 ped ammo on the last hunt and got 35 in loot. So now I have about 38 in ammo and like 3 peds on my card. That's it.
Logged out. Who knows when I'll be back, but I'm no longer counting.

(original post below)
I just spent time responding to some threads and a support case that I sent to MA. I am unable to continue spending so much money on this game - the game that I LOVE. I just went through $250 in one and a half weeks. I don't want to get into activities that I did, because people like to pick it apart. My point in this blog is to help me in not logging in. I could still log in and sweat, hunt punies, or sell a CLD to play again, but I feel like I should not. The only thing MA seems to even notice is if I don't play or spend.
My dilemma is I don't have as much fun when I don't have guns/ammo and I don't have $ to continue - mostly I am having one of those I am sick of this moment.

I am writing to log days not logged in, and what other things I can find to do. Any support would be appreciated.

Day 1: Played some Minecraft and a few rounds of BF3. BF3 continues to be laggy and the Minecraft server is pretty empty right now.

Day 2: I played LOTRO for an hour earlier today saving up some tokens. Then I bought an item and realized is is almost useless at my level. DOH!
Tried Minecraft but my server was down. Gonna try again.

Day 3: I see that someone has claimed 40 peds from the 10 ped atrox-mania event (get 10 peds per global). I still have 10 peds unclaimed and seems like loot is improving - according to I'm feeling like I'm missing out, but know I still have almost no ammo to hunt. I played Minecraft and there is like 2 other people on the server - so kinda boring.

Day 4: New LOTRO expansion came out with a lot of changes. I've been having fun exploring that stuff a little bit. On the Minecraft side of things - server has picked up some, but some error won't let me build on my own property! I also picked up an extra shift at work today. Hope all is well in EU.

Day 5: Doesn't seem like much is going on in EU. I read this cool thread though:
Fun to think about. I don't know - logging in and seeing what I can do seems like an option, but for now i'm still occupied with LOTRO and Minecraft. Happy Hoffing everyone!

Day 6 Football Sunday! I had to work and was having a crap day. It's getting better now and I figure logging in to loose money won't help. I played Minecraft this morning and someone had fun killing me in pvp and looting my head. What I am excited to see is a m8 of mine got a huge uber! Congrats Lance!

Day 7: Lots of work to do today and will watch some Mon Night Football. I found myself thinking about EU and reading the forum I find this post:
this is more talking about bugs than returns, but this is a related issue, IMO. I'm "paying" for this product and if it's low quality then I feel my money is not being well spent. Leaving many not feeling like a valued customer. I know nothing about programming, and know a lot of games have a lot of bugs - but there remains a bad pattern in this game of not fixing bugs, and continuing to release new content. My 2 pecs

Day 11 I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving or at least the opportunity to reflect what they are grateful for. I've enjoyed watching some football and been working a good bit. I really got into Minecraft lately as I found a new server. It is rough cause I am starting from lvl 0 again - but that's part of the fun. It's a challenge.
I read the results of the Halloween Mayhem - and the winners were depressingly totally as expected. I do agree it was the most fair one yet, but it's still most Uber wins. It's kind of how it should be, but doesn't have to be. Gratz to everyone that participated. I did it for like 10 hours or less - I just wasn't feeling it. As I write this I begin to reflect on EU and think shooting up some Ambu or Hoggolo sounds good! I'm content for now though, and I'm sure I'll be back at sometime.
Good hunting out there!

Day 13 I appreciate the recent comment and I will respond to that soon, but first check out what I got in e-mail!!:
Hi Jeff,

We noticed that you haven't been logged in to Entropia Universe for a time now and we don't want you to miss the opportunity of being a continuous part of our virtual community.

Your username is **** and if you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one by following this link:****

Should you experience any technical difficulties logging in to Entropia Universe, please search the Knowledge Base - FAQ or contact the Entropia Universe Support Department at

Note: You will receive this email even if you have opted for not receiving emails from Entropia Universe.

Kind regards,

Entropia Universe & Planet Calypso

Pretty quick this time - less than 2 weeks of inactivity. I know it's auto-mated, but still. I wanted MA to notice in some way other than just me submitting support cases. There is nothing like this game and I'm starting to miss it more - and other games don't compare.

Day 19 Other games are getting boring fast - then I read this post on the forum in response to an upcoming update:

Helene Helena Fra
"sold almost all my inventory to gather 5k peds to hunt this weekend and it was gone in a few hours with runs under 30% (average on warlocks was 280-320 ped loot on 1k ped runs and u have 70 ped decay on armor to pay so in fact its probably less than 30%) and this is with maxed 2.9 eco gear. This game is pure scam atm so big sales and withdrawls are on the way "

I believe it. Thanks for making me think again about logging in because this is strongly what I feel will happen.

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  2. Salty Grimyth's Avatar
    hey m8,

    I would say from your blog that the other games you are playing you are comparing to entropia. Just remember that no other game out there is like this one, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but play it for the entertainment value. I would urge to login and talk with friends maybe do some activities that aren't going to cost you peds but still allow you to do stuff in the game. I was talking to an avatar that was running around with a heart fap and they told me they make on average about 50 peds a day just from tips on helping other avatars by healing them for free. Then they use the peds to go mining. I found it very interesting and heart faps are cheap.
    I guess I am saying that writing a blog is one way to combat your desire to play, but than why not just play.

  3. DavinFelth's Avatar
    I've been thinking about what Salty posted, and I really appreciate it. I do plan that when I log back in that I will do some fun low key activities (sweat, fap, repair mothership, work on Molisk iron mission) The prob is that I am upset with how much I spent recently and how fast it went away. Coming back and doing different activities is all good, but it doesn't make up for that experience. Win some - loose some - I agree and I have had some nice wins. I hate to compare to a casino, but I can't think of many better analogies: It's like I was in a poker torny and lost $1000 and then someone says - oh you can come to the casino again - just play some Penny slots... I just don't see that happening. Seems easier to just not go at all.
    But I feel better already and will be back soon. If I do spend - I plan to sell a CLD.
    Thanks for the support and positive words.
    Good hunting all!


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