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Sunday Night

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We arrived in Vegas early to take in some of the sites and just to relax before the beginning of CES, but it was not long before I became anxious to meet some of the folks that play EU, so back to the hotel I go. First knock on the door is Casay. She is letting me know that MA is holding a dinner for all ambassadors at the Venetian at 10:00pm

Off to bed for a quick nap...hehe....

Many things can be said about Mindark the company, but I have to sincerely say that the people that make up Mindark are some great folks. And, that dinner last night....WOW.... Some of you may never global again just so MA can pay for the dinner...

I was able to spend about 15 minutes talking to David Simons...I did get one tidbit of information, but nothing game shattering....All I can say, is stay tuned for more Planet announcements....

Several people from the Terpin group (MA's publicist company) were there as well.

Im up at 6:00 local time getting ready to take a shuttle over to the convention and begin the first day.

Here are a few shots from last night.

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John Bates, and Girlfriend Carmen

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RobRoy and Bean

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Buzz Lightyear, Justin Sorrell (MA), PoisonHeart, and Neo hiding....

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Casay, NetStalker, Skalman, Ter.
More to come today...

Sorry if I got any names wrong....blame it on all the good food and great people.....


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  1. sir odd's Avatar
    Great pics, keep 'em coming!
  2. MindStar9's Avatar
    Thanks for sharin' the pics, you cutie you! Is this where I pay YOU the ped each time I look at YOUR pic! ;)
  3. strakkan's Avatar
    Great work as always Net !!


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