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    It should get into the bonus shraps. Iirc some dev notes around the introduction of Loot 2.0 explain how this compensation works.
    I have been compensated for unlootable Aurli Weak, Brood of Bram, Brood of Unruly, Trooper Gen07, Legionairre Gen02 via support tickets in the past. What is stated here, is a wordsmithing of incorrect reading, no where does it say that despawned mobs ped spent goes into a bonus shrapnel pool.

    Bonus shrap is a global pool, made up of those things noted in the VU notes. Not a pool where all of EU glitches go to live as well.

    I trust MA will provide the same support in which they have for mobs which glitched and became unlootable, despite showing blue on radar and sparkle looter owner effects. We will see soon enough.

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    quite strange

    You are not alone, this is quite strange.

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    The People in charge are all like.
    I am so Happy they are having so much fun playing this game. Because they sure do spend alot of money on it. I am So rich now. We should Try to make the game more fun so we can get more of their money.

    We Be Like....
    I am Losing so much money this is starting to not be fun any more.
    I dont need no Stinkin Gold Card. I got Lifelock.

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    It's still very shitty... do 1000 PED crafting, get 600-800 PED TT-return and no global or hof to put you on decent return... pure cash grab these days...
    the payback hof is a lie

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