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  • I do hope you get a chance to visit the other places. In the end, I understand what you are saying. If enough people feel the same way as you, then I can't see MA continuing on the same track. So there may be change coming soon. Gl and have fun!! :)
    [EDIT your mailbox is full of PMs so I post here :)]

    Hey sry my EU crashed and I didnt want to log back in.

    If you like to hunt eomon next week, I can sure fap you one evening.
    I have fap110 tier 2 which means 48HP each klick; not sure if that enough because
    I never hunted eomon...

    Just pm me when you see me online and we can arrange a day?


    one today :)

    latest today:

    Intercept: 0x8E1B75988EB6FEF6F60FD011FE7AFFAE22C53F8F
    Intercept: 0x644469BF41DD1CA5F5
    Intercept: 0x646F7AFD5A8DDDFE3961BEFFD3EB73C9C63FBF6EB463EDB6 F3AADB0F
    Intercept: 0xCE4F6750160B37D6E86F6DE22AEE5FD86D29EDB2B2
    Intercept: 0x39BECC4A5BD

    @ 15:56
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