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    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    Son arrived with laptop this morning, none of these folders were present, so I uninstalled and did a fresh install and the game is working a treat in medium. Thanks everyone for the assistance, case closed :)
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    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    Thanks, I had a feeling it was in the wrong section and did look for a Technical section but not used the forum for some time and couldn't remember if there was one when I couldn't find it at first. I'll check out the link Thanks will look at these. The laptop is running Windows 10 Home, I...
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    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    Liking these suggestions :) Will try these out next time he pops over Fortunately it's just a CTD rather than a BSOD
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    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    Thanks for the replies, it's almost as if the game is running off the integrated GPU but it is set to use the 840M and the nvidia control panel confirms this when the game starts. Not sure heat build up is an issue as it will crash when starting from cold. Crash is either in full screen or...
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    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    My son's laptop has a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 840M GPU and the game will crash if it is used on any graphics setting other than Safe Mode. While not expecting amazing results with the GPU we would have expected to have slightly more options than Safe Mode or crash :) The laptop is an i5...
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    Question: What happened to the cottages that used to be on Atlas Island?
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    Question: What happened to the cottages that used to be on Atlas Island?

    Wasn't that Coop's museum? Been a long time so maybe wrong!
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    Paypal and Strongboxes

    Currently no PayPal option at all for me on the webshop.
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    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    Gratz and nice touch with the giveaways! :wtg:
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    Question: Update error after mini patch

    Have you got an other updates pending i.e. Windows updates? I had the same problem last week and it was the big Win10 update holding everything back until I updated. Once windows was updated and happy, the game updated fine.
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    Map info (especially those familar with GIS maps)

    I can try and dig out my files for the mining maps if it will help? Can't remember which computer I saved them on so might take a day or so to find.
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    Urgent help needed: Eric Anubis Missche

    Eek! Here's hoping this has a happy ending for you.
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    Achievement: GoldCard finally bites the dust

    Mine stopped working yesterday after years of error 72 (had mine since early 2006). I opened it for the first time and cleared the fluff out yesterday and its back working again.
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    Question: Question about: I've got a bone to pick! -- and -- Puny missions

    Is she not outside the Equipment Building looking over the old New Arrivals area?
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    First global since 18 July 2013

    Nice DS :yay: Not sure I'd like to know my last global was :)