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  • gazing is the only live touch with the game for me since... November last year I guess... :D

    Thank you Seven for all attentions you're often giving to me.
    Even if i'm pretty silent,
    that doesn't change the friendship i have for you.

    thanks, mate! =)

    I'm waiting for those coordinates from you to send some samples of our local liquors through my mates who visit UK from time to time ;)

    Hey man, got lost helping with tp runs and trying to get a little better grasp on the econo... lmao a fish drinking beer. lol maybe I'm just overexhausted but...
    "That's funny right there I don't care who ya are."
    Didn't notice that before, pretty sure I'd checked your profile one time or another. Anyway, making a list, checking it twice, gonna have some new claims to list on your thread sometime soon once I've got a nice bundle to add. Cheers!
    P.S. I am simply not a popular person and probably never will be because I often say out loud what I think of things - many can not handle the truth :laugh:

    but heck with them, I'm going to have a couple of Beers tonight anyway and stay offline for yet another day - there is no Beer, no toilet ingame... =P


    Was checking who +rep me for bashing that angry nerd, and as soon as I saw the carp drinking beer - I knew you are my man! :beerchug:
    Cheers mate, bit busy irl these days but looking forward to getting back into EU a bit soon! Seems there's quite a few changes to read up on!
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