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  • She is, if you look at my pictures you can find another one which is better to see ;)
    Oh well if you'd asked me that yesterday morning I would have said "great - thanks for asking!" HowEVER I got called out for a monster duty today (London -> Madrid -> Lisbon -> Madrid -> London) so I can't say I'm best pleased with the friendly skies right now, lol. ...and how are you, sweetie? Hehe xx
    u2 Honey!

    ("The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.")
    Happy New Year Sage!
    Yeah, kinda, still officially a freelancer, Evo wants me back I think. We'll see. I sure wanna see 10.0!!
    Well u have the curage to make prank calls to ppl house but u dont have the curage to respond or tell your friend hopkirk to contact MA?
    cuz u were hopkirks messenger i advice u to tell hopkirk to take contact with MA .They sent him mail aswell.
    Police want to be contacted by hopkirk and so wants MA.
    Cuz u are his friend/partner plz tell him to contact them.
    HI! just want to say a big THX for efd donation!

    I hadn't expected such a response to my post, hehe !
    Bah Humbugs, bot or not to bot. The loots are shit or gauged and the skills well we all have paid. I'm pissed so I think I'll give this a miss.
    efd whores, the huge amount of (at least what i thought were) pointless votes. about the eco, time, mob regen, armour, fap.. while u only wanted to talk about eco dmg/sec. stuff like SIB matters a lot i thinks. im not sure how eco it is but i use my masher2 on lil molisks. cud prolly do better but it workes for me!

    the scanner is actually making me ped, ped I am planning on spending on my new shiny armor, lol ... But come Winter and come the end of this irl financial desaster the world is finding itself into atm I am sure it will go back up to higher prices imo :)
    Well I wanna see what I get from it. If they are useful skills I will see if I have the patience to use it for some time.
    You looking for some ped collateral? I never have a great deal of cash in-game, I always spend it all on hunting and PK :D
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