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  • dang, seems not bad case indeed =)

    these guys here second that but also say that doing it yourself might end up twice cheaper. ahh, the dilemma... :D

    this thing here gives a boner of course but you'd need two of them for cpu/gpu in total... :laugh:

    Thanks for the EFD, it is time consuming work compiling the info in a small text box with a bit of scrolling to it. ;)
    Thats my alter ego...you'll get to meet him this weekend if your lucky...hmm or if your not
    LOL! Not good what ND did with that PR stunt.
    Huge Oopsie.

    Thanks for rep, Yes I am very confident that FPC will do something good with the Egg for Deathifier ;)
    Not a problem, I do know you appreciate the gift, it aint half obvious and I would not be offended if you sold it.
    yep yep lol haven't been playing much tho so havent had it out for a long time :( but one of these days it will come out and play again hehe
    hey i still have that sword lol and love it never giving it up for anything ;)
    Thanks for the feed back I really appreciate it. :)
    Just got one more Q - have you ever had trouble with EU updates in the past and had to DL some files from else were?
    Hi Mate hope santa brought all u asked for : )
    & hoping 2010 is a grate one for u & ur Family.

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Best wishes and luck for 2010.
    Hope you've had a wonderful time and Father Christmas brought you more than a lump of coal! :D

    All the best

    The Team @ SFE
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend.

    Merry Christmas Xaph, to you and your family :)
    Don't eat and drink to much....coz that's what I'll be doing :D
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