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    Items Named After Player Suggestions Here

    Hieronyme crane polisher ? :rolleyes:
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    Dude, where's my PED?

    :laugh: You forgot me
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    Winner of Avatar Look-a-like Competition

    dang , i shaved my hair and bought this blue underwear for nothing :( * just joking :D * gratz to winners
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    You think you knew all about massive... , watch this picture ! :D

    Click to enlarge *no comment , it still hurts :mad: * (lol , i just noticed this crew looks like a di** , with a bit imagination ahah)
  5. atrox crew

    atrox crew

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    FIFA WORLD CUP : who will win?? :D

    id put my pecs on Argentina :D South Korea might create another surprise but not win Czeck are good too France will definitvely NOT make it :D
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    Custom Titles

    lol thx , it's not me who said it :laugh: but then what would i be ? Longu dark lord ? i'd give the title 'big dirty pig' to NZR
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    To deposit or not to deposit..

    ( I never deposited and i didnt join PE when it was beta or dunno what , when modfaps and modmercs were TTed, and i never looted any GREAT item) The most important is to believe in you (Chuck Norris)
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    Ubah Hogglo

    enblade 4 hogglo statue lvl2 (i think) heal chip only crap eh :laugh:
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    Ubah Hogglo

    yo bro , i'm using imk2 still :P soon modmk5 when i loot it ! :cool:
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    Ubah Hogglo

    my biggest TT+ was shotgun deluxe in a 400peds hof , at the moment it was not worth 4500peds ... you got what i meant ! (but maybe i'm wrong) only crap in it
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    Ubah Hogglo

    ya , i walked in dung and i got lucky :laugh:
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    Ubah Hogglo

    My biggest so far , even in TT+ :whip: finally :D Click to enlarge
  14. My biggest so far

    My biggest so far

    My biggest so far ... even in TT+ lol
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    CC cadets are recruiting

    again .... I got 300k+ ... Waiting for cadets now :) Bump (sadap now hiero , lame fucker )