Hugh Willose

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  • Are you kidding me ???

    +rep for falling asleep ???


    Thanks and best of luck for your event

    hehe - i am from bradford but now live in Belfast - gz again on winning event 18 - hope to see you next week :)
    yes Hugh, but technically no... I am not from Leeds, but I live there nevertheless. I m actually from Hong Kong, but yea, meh~
    Hugh, don't suppose you have anyone from BAHQ on your fl, or someone from WoF England or failing that where do you usually hang out please?
    I am sorry for the mist understanding and the seeming 'spoiling' of your event my abrupt absence caused. I have explained it all in your thread in 2 posts.

    Very sorry, may your event continue to make people happy & able to fulfill goals & dreams.

    I gave them to you because you made a good thread. You point out the obviously, about hunting loots gone bad. I quited 3 years agow, not only because of that I started to lose 100$'s/monthly. It was also for that nice people like T-rex, Candyman and other friends quited. I'm a very social person in PE so was a big impact on me.
    Been a bit hasn't it. Hope you've been doin well. Are you liking the new VU? Won't be able to play EU for a bit, vid card is crap, can't upgrade it either :( Gonna be awhile before I get a PC to run it. Best of luck to ya. :)
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