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    lol nah just a big laugh to see the whining threads about that now when the Hydra thing died down hehe
    I would die from a Gen 1 anyway dont have the HP for one as I found out when I tried to ML35 one a year ago or so lol (the little hp maybe 10-15 I picked up during this time wont change that :D)
    Thanks for all the Signatures. ^_^

    And yes Ginatama is simply the funniest anime I've ever seen. Charactors are great also. If you like comedy its worth watching a few episodes.
    Use the one thats on my mal. I just updated it few minutes ago to be Gintoki from Gintama. If its not there just use the Akagi one that is there.
    Ahh I see... I like Miyuki too, so I don't really have any objections. I just thought there would be a spot for Kagami somewhere since you have devoted two pics to Lucky Star already :D. Look, even Kud is surprised you don't have a Kagami somewhere. If I were you, I would have. I guess I just go for the tsuinteru moe more...
    My harddrive fried itself or I may have made it perform some sort of seppuku from filling it up with too many Kagami pics. Shimatta! My Kagami avatar is not to be found :(. I will make do with a Kud avatar for now however.

    Now, based on your avatar, I should probably be the one asking, where is the Kagami pic? :)
    yeah I just posted whatever was in my paste-buffer at that moment - random - I do it a lot :)
    Ok we can go to Yam Tcha xD
    and yes I might think like a 鬼老 since I lived most of my life in europe =)

    See ya !

    I'm in NT too, moved back in HK since February and living at Gold Coast =)
    If you get back there we can have a drink ! Last month I met a soc mate from Holland when he stopped by HK before going to the Shanghai Expo.

    See you around and good luck mate !
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