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  • In my daily job we develop internet software and sites for users to use for interaction in between each other.

    We have been talking about making some sort of analysis about how the “steady users” on a site will react incase their sole existence is questioned.
    Hehe, it was a test - I'll be posting the overall results later today or tommorow. It was "somehow" an schientific test of how forum users react upon some unreadable crap - will they post or not.. Ofcourse it will be more obvious when I get the results fine written and explained. It was a IRL company job thingy... Analyzing peoples interactions on the internet..
    heh, i was out of state this 3 day weekend, and when i came back had a bit of trouble with the "wife". now im back tho, was a really fun weekend by the way ^_^
    ok, so with the sale of the mind essence and some sweat here and there, i made an additional 15 PED today. but now i'm wondering what would be the smarter thing to do.

    either i follow what i keep hearing and dump 50 PED into ammo and continue skilling what i started, or use that 50 and try my luck at mining.

    any thoughts?
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