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  • Hey bro, I guess you still have pc/eu issues... I seem to be back on Calypso, albeit in a vastly less-skilled capacity. But there's a big Slasha-shaped hole in it :( Hope you're ok x
    Hi Slasha sorry to bother you but could you tell me about the game you mentioned in reply to Rockchicks post, Please i need abreak from EU too hehe
    I'm afraid that probably isn't going to happen, slasha. I will be getting a good computer and making a new account at some point, so I'll still be in-game, just without skills. Oh boy.
    i have had pc issues which means i havent been able to play since vu10,could holders of my shares from team hunts from bot invasion pass it on to one of my fellow hounds ,slates teams i was in a few rounds and one day with vodka,cheers guys cya when i can get back on.
    :D ty , i did actualy copy your sig for the tdo bit . + the poo i made for the old one works a treat in your format:p
    Hey Slasha, just thought I'd stop by and say Hi, and post a message on your empty wall.
    You also have an invite to the GloryHounds Private Thread, or "The Dog Pound". Feel free to accept it and join the natter. In it, among other things, you'll find a link to a new Hounds website we're fooling around with at the moment. Could be great :)
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