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  • Um no. l didn't catastrophically miss the point, l just didn't agree on your dumb ass point you where trying to make. Threads like that just stir up agro!
    Your a pathetic little worm. Your futile attempt at discrediting Sammy failed epicly and instead of having the courage to publicly apologise about your ignorant drivel, you instead neg rep me accusing me of ignorance! You impossibly stupid little man. You honour yourself so gratuously I can only imagine what your left hand is doing whilst the right one is typing.
    sucking up to ma wont get you a hof!! we have all see your type come and go.... just go!! and save us all a load of time! buh bye now!
    I was roleplaying, and later I did tell you to file a support-case. I have no idea what the requirements are, I wasn't even contacted at first, only later got a PM if I was interested. So evasive, yeah, rude, probably. If you are looking for more, you won't get it, because those are opinions, and since they differ from person to person, I can't say I am, because not everybody feels the same way, and that means I'd lie, and that is something I don't want to do.
    Maybe Jake, you are Brooklyn's alter ego - I see you appear to be very keen to stick up for her
    Jake, you need to take a look at Brooklyns email before you accuse me of childish trolling!!

    I equally dislike trolling whoever happens to be doing it, and have never given anyone a "+rep" for doing so. I find it very tiresome and annoying to read.

    My only advise then, is to not sink to their level and engage in a slagging match. Rise above the comments and ignore them if you feel that you cannot engage them in a constructive way. If rules have been broken then report the post in question to a moderator and let them handle the situation.

    Peace Out.

    Im only sticking up for the people that want to express there distaste with the current state of things. We have people like Brooklyn causing further frustration to them by mocking them, chiding them, or calling them "idiots, losers, etc."

    Not only are you -repping me for trolling, but your +repping Brooklyn for the exact same thing.

    You are contradicting your own words.

    Prove me wrong..give Brooklyn a -rep if you still feel that neither comment was approprate.

    Until then..
    I have never had a problem with anyone having a their own opinions on anything.

    There are numerous occasions where Brooklyn has pissed off people, not for a "difference of opinion" but for making people angry. He/she has even posted things about "oh wait til i say thanks for the rep..that really drives them nuts."

    You need to understand. this isnt about a matter of a different opinion. Its a matter of intentionally pissing people off to get a reaction out of them.

    Its not right. Its stupid. Thats why he/she should have been banned.

    You have an option to excerise free speech. You also have potential concequenses for those words. That is the reason for my ban thread. It has nothing to do with opinions. I see various opinions on the forums all the time. You dont go see me requesting them be banned do you??

    My observations are based on what I have witnessed in multiple different threads, not just the one in question. His/Her “boring losers” comment is no better or worse than your “sucks to be you” comment, and certainly less worse than the thread you started to try and get him/her banned.

    And, no, someone having a different opinion to you does not imply that they are “smoking crack”.
    are you smoking crack!?!?!?!?!?!?

    She goes into a thread talking about a new planet website....starts calling everyone a boring loser...

    and you have the stones to say that someone like me isnt being civil??

    WTH is wrong with you?!!??!!?!??!

    There is NOTHING civil about her calling people a bunch of boring losers.

    You need a reality check bigtime!

    Everyone here is entitled to express their own opinion, even if it's not the consensus view, or a view that you share yourself. There are civil and polite ways to disagree with somebody.
    I love how you seem to be sticking up for people that chastise the community on a regular basis. You must be a stand up guy.
    Thanks for the Rep:) and all the interesting and challenging info you been providing for the golden age thread
    strokee me a clipperr, be back for breakfastt :p. thx for the rep, at least someone apreciating the funny "better than reality" model shown of the wicked red dwarf XD
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