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    Ibuypower Computer

    Thanks for the input guys! Changing brands but going to order today with some great specs. I cant wait to get my new toy and see how much better EU is going to be. Lexi
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    Ibuypower Computer

    Does anyone own an Ibuypower gaming computer and what do you think of it? Im considering one of their machines for my next upgrade. Besides a top of the line graphix card, does anyone else having any "must have" add ons for running EU well? Thanks! lexi
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    Buying: Malachi Ash (F)

    Found a pair, thread closed :). Lexi
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    New Avatar Pics!

    Here is what I looked like in the creation room with makeup...didnt QUITE come out the same...I sure wish it did..I loved it! Lexi
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    Buying: Malachi Ash (F)

    Bumping for 2013...still looking! Lexi
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    Selling: Makeup Mask - One of a Kind Make up by Trance

    Beautiful!! Trance always does great work. Hope you find this artwork a home that will show it off! :wtg:. Lexi
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    Richest entropian?

    Thats whats known as a second avatar my friend.....guessing he/she plays the game on another highly skilled one.:). Lexi
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    Stupid shit you've done in Entropia so far?

    Deposited....worse yet, more then once. :ahh: Lexi
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    Update Failed - 2 business days pass with no fix

    I'm in the same boat you are...can not upload game without it crashing multiple times. I really don't have time to fool with it. MA can fix it before I come back, meantime, I will hang onto my ped. They keep giving me more reasons to exit permantly....sad really.;) Lexi
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    Updater Application issue

    I dont much about this stuff but thanks for the suggestion, sounds like a good plan to me !!
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    Updater Application issue

    The support team helped me out (thank you team). For me, it ended up being my firewall which is normally off. However, after getting a nasty worm on my computer, my guy who fixed it put firewall back on and that was blocking it. All is well in EU land again!!:yay: Lexi
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    Updater Application issue

    Oh this is not good. No one has any ideas? :D Guess I will try downloading again....booooo
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    Updater Application issue

    New issue discovered for me.....when I go to log in it says " Could not start the updater application". When I click on "try again" nothing happens. I was in the game last night with no issues but Im guessing there was an update today. Anyone know what to do? Does this mean I have to...
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    Beauty Bug

    Last VU changed my hair color (with whatever the hair update was?) and now I must pay to get my old color back ...BUT...I cant even do that due to this wonderful bug!! Yes, PLEASE fix!! I would love to give my ped to someone in the profession if only the bug was fixed!! Lexi (hiding my hair...
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    Buying: Malachi Ash (F)

    Bumping this up for the new year~!!:rolleyes: