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  • Hi, hon!

    I'm watching and listening how other guys are doing and I have to admit that nothing drags me actively ingame right now... I did play Diablo 3 too actively for over a year instead :D

    And yourself, all good? How's business? =)

    Hi Kara,

    just to let you know I posted some albums of my days work collection for you...have a wonderful day:)))
    Is it Real? Oh, it's real and it's happening! lol
    Alchemy Academy is the home of the "School of the Gods" and official sponsor of "The Curandero" project.
    Check out my blog here in EF at....
    Any comments made would be appreciated to keep the discussion going keep it bump’n!

    Afterall, you were the inspiration for all this, so thank you. :)
    sweet. I saw lots of "fan art" from Japanese players who played Final Fantasy 11 and wanted to find some pics of the cutest creation ever: the Tarutaru. It amazed me, the quality was incredible. When I saw your drawings they totally reminded me of that amazing quality that very few people have, you are a lucky (and talented) girl!
    Aaaaah, me and my brain...we live at different places sometimes...was a nice lil snail :)
    Pleasure...can't remember what it was for, but it was deserved ;) Have a nice day :)
    That sounds fun enough :)

    So what kind of activities do you find yourself doing in EU ? Hunting, Mining, Crafting, Idling, or all of the obove? ^^
    So what are you spending your time on whilst not replying to forum messages? :) and by the way, thank you again for the latest message ^^
    I see :)

    Well in that case i better thank YOU for YOUR message aswell :)

    Allways nice to exchange words with people :)

    Having a nice day otherwize?
    Hi Andreea

    Nice to see you message this morning:)
    My first one on the forum!!!

    I don't spend much time here as I working real hard to keep the game and IRL separte so this can be a place for to escape to...but I must admit I enjoyed your IRL artwork...makes me think maybe I should be painting today rather than gaming...:)))

    Have a wonderful day

    Kimberly aka "Brooklyn"

    Great Artwork
    So i see youre snooping around my profile :D Nice picture btw, im mostly wondering what brought you to my page :)
    one question :) do you also do forum signatures? if thats the case, maybe you could do one for me for lets say... 500 EFD? not much i know :D anyway, PM me if ya like ;) have a good one !
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