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  • hehe =) I am not sure the church still exists, but there's still a Nun hidden in me :D Lootius bless you Lugzan. I hope you still have a little fun in the Universe! I am just so busy here - and for obviously reasons, very rarely visiting this forum ^^
    Have fun ! :beerchug:
    Hey :) ty for the rep.

    As for the comment, I have actually been playing since Oct 2006. My join date for the forum was later due to the fact that at the time it didn't like hotmail email accounts. lol it does now but that was the only acount I had at the time untill I joined in 2008.

    It's true that MA are very slow with the implimentation of the old systems but I would rather they take some time and some community input before bringing out a version that doesn't work or is just bugged to the max. lol like some that are here now!! ;)

    I still believe that the shake up at MA and the post about advertising is a huge step in the right direction..

    Ty again for the comment. Gl to you and have fun!! :D
    Damn man thats to much :/

    Hunting i don't know how people can survive in the main, i know people who do but profit mobs are limited... all depends on hitting that esi, gun etc. Mining there is mark up tho and tbh thats what i mainly do but turnover wise i don't churn as much as in past, but i do survive and mainly self sufficient in EU.

    Women = less time lol, but better loot i find :D

    All the best and hope you ath mate, ya deserve it ;)
    all the best
    Now it seems more clear where your fixation with faping and skill requirements came from. :)

    Did you suffer a lot when she broke up with you?
    lol it was only a 'poke-i-haven't-been-here-much' kind of hallo :p But when you say it like that haha! Hope you're doing well IRL :) I'm so busy too. Dunno, I need more hours ^_^
    Best wishes & :hug:

    Jamh :D ütleme nii, et kui sa oled eelmisel päeval 9h soome reisinud 2h maganud ja siis 14h tööd teinud ja ainult kohvi joonud :p ma ütlen ausalt ma ei saanud ise ka aru mida ma seal tegin :)
    Thanks to the Rep Lugs, glad that bone did'nt see you fall of this mortal coil :)
    TY for the rep m8!
    And yeh U are right, it be cool if the rockets had a knockback...
    Cheers Lugz
    Gigabyte Mercury case (if you can get one) is a good start with EK water blocks (slovenia) otherwise I had to piss on my last fail (plugs disconnected) :D for leaks, I hear Jam is a plumber but a bit askew :)
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