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  • Haha! I hope not. I sure would miss the place. Besides, how would I pick on you if Calypso disappeared? ;)
    Oh no, I was just being my sweet self lol!

    Forum hates me, I dont even post anymore, too many nubcakes.
    Man, and no more mentor gifts or program I guess, MA owes me like 3 from people that grad after Cryengine.

    Im afraid this game is gunna go under. At least after they run out of the $330K from Buzz.
    Haha! Cowboys. Meh. How did you get a red dot up there, man? ^^ LOL Were you being naughty again?
    I am indeed still around, although not nearly as much as usual. The combination of a cruddy computer and a busy rl schedule has kinda put a damper on my Calypso endeavors. I have not disappeared, however, nor do I intend to! :) How've you been doing?
    I'm interested to see your posts on your perc theory. I read Legion's skillgain theory, and what interests me the mosts about these theories, is how you see patterns in them.
    Whatever your motives, Marco set some ground rules: no bashing of ideas of others. I don't easily give out neg-rep either.
    Indeed I have; all you have to do is set yourself to non-electable then vote for somebody. All votes default to the current leader unless the current leader is non-electable, in which case the defaulted votes are not counted. It makes it possible to force someone else as leader of the society, but make sure nobody else is voting for someone else otherwise there will be a tie of votes and the current leader will win in a tie.

    Good luck with the training society! N00bs are so much fun!
    Sweet! I managed to make it in, after buying a few new bits for the POS. Still a tad laggy, but it'll do for now. I definitely need to kill something though!!!
    Howdy...and good morning. Can I go back to bed? lol My hours changed at work and I seem to be having a little trouble adjusting. It's hard to stay up and moving at midnight when you're used to getting up at 3am :zzz: :coffee:
    Heh...I can't remember how many hours we were there now lol Lessee...oh and I wasn't there on Friday with you guys. You're supposed to include parking/gas too. :)
    Aww look at your cute little kitty avatar ;)

    It's too bad you couldn't stay for the last day, we became a colorful bunch lol
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