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  • Hi Silver I am good ty.. How are you?... Have I met you before ?.... sorry for my ignorence :)
    Not sure, been in game a long time now lol. But thinking of quiting all now. Not fun that u have to deposit all the time to be able to hunt. I think they destroyed the game for now. But the addiction might come in first hand :D
    Dont know what it is... but vu10 kinda killed entropia for me, and I dont have real soc anymore... My irl is kinda taking over my entropia time :p ...and together with the fact I have changed work, and now are away 8months a year :p
    School is great, I get out this May, cant wait. How bout them cowboys? Too bad they wont have anymore home games this year.

    Hope everything is going well for you. ;)
    Im just waiting for the market to go up, so I can sell. School is taking up to much time to play anymore. ;(
    but pink is awesome :D
    Im just fine and you? I dont play much anymore...
    hey you ;)
    you're going to get one year old more, damn it's old, like ? well i'm getting bald ;)
    I am a finance student, writing my master thesis about socs in EU. i would like to interview some of the members of this soc.
    I hope that you soc, will help me

    best regards
    miss master thesis
    Hi Sugar, I need a favor. I want to elect a new general to replace me as i want to start a new training society. How the hell do I promote 1 of my members to general? Im pretty sure you have done this. xxxooo
    I'm here for purely selfish reasons .. I want to solicit votes in a VU photo contest - plain and simple - I just need help =)
    I found other openly public requests for votes, so I'ma do the same and raid the EF list for nice peoplez ! :ahh:
    I'm # 17 in this contest and would love your votes - but am not going to banish you for voting for someone else, there's a lot of awesome pics to choose from. :)
    So, pick 17 or go pick your nose ! :laugh: jk jk !
    Thanks, either way - just for reading this and putting up with my nonsense, in general. :)
    - Danielle 'your mom'-
    Naaah, right now I'm on a summer break. Mining hasn't treated me well so I have been smacking trox's but that was even worse lol. What is Ice doing these days?
    hiya hun, havent chatted in a while been pretty busy lately :)
    getting excited for the Real life Entropians Meet in London come August. i hope u can make it :) would love to see ya there ;)
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