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  • fear not, hon - I have not forgotten you, just not that online recently. well, I was yesterday, but the return from the hunt was a clear message that I should not do that very often... :D

    hmm, there was a church once, with a beautiful nun leading it, where you could donate and it always helped. I wonder if that church still exists...

    everything ok for you? and that old dog V, still as mad as he used to be? =)


    Your welcome, Like I said i hope it all goes well & be I'll be there, I sometimes a little late but I get there in the end. Be good, Be safe, & most off all Be Happy.
    Spk soon
    well, what I've learned over my 30+ years of experience to be undeniably true is that there is no more time available and will not be, never. the conclusion is, I can only improve the effectiveness of making the right decisions. I wish you the same! =)

    what did I miss? oh, I know - you wonder why I'm not asking for churches blessings lately... no, I have not forgot about you, it's just that too many things to get done IRL and I'm totally away from PE currently. but fear not, I shall return - In the place of the Dark Marco you would have Lugzan! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the Love! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair! =)



    I will post it on EP if all works out here first, maybe in a week.
    For now we are giving it a dry run to see if it causes us too many hassles with recruitment first ;)
    hi Lykke

    if you don't get your ped back I will gladly give you some of mine.

    May Lootius Grace shine upon your loot window
    Nice avatar picture Lykke, can't take my eyes of that pixelated eye candy...
    yes, people are either tired or sick of the BS going on as I've heard =)

    but I took a serious step back more than a year ago. today I simply enjoy the show, that is still free at least :laugh: the future will show if it was worth waiting, if my skills growing really matter like MA promised etc. I do not see that point currently, you know =)

    RL is a challenge enough for me right now and I see how my skills there are valued. just some background "noise" that I have to solve... after I do that, you will get a silent notification from me ;) actually, maybe that is not needed, I might suddenly start happily scoring ingame like I used to...

    I hope everything is at least fine with you and that good old VF you had! :D:D:D

    Haha ok, I did find it a bit weird you seemed to never have heard about that competition ;) Was 2 years ago now tho, way longer time than I thought!
    lol sure was: Profile Design Contest. 20k EFD Award!. That was also from the time this profile modding was new. I even see now that your page competed as well, perhaps a friend of yours signed you up without you knowing then :)
    hehe =)

    so-so. in some aspects better and better, in some still bad and the idealist part in me does not let to feel myself "complete" or totally satisfied with the universe... but I'm doing my best to get "there" :D

    if you had anything special in mind, there is still some room in my PM box ;)


    Thanks, you too :) I believe we both fixed them for that profile page competition a year or two ago? I would need something like that to get me to fix it again lol
    the ways of MA are mysterious, they call it "dainamik" themselves but I can clearly see a pattern of implementing easy income ideas first *cough* =)

    I recently cleared my own full FL simply by looking the contacts through - I have not seen some of the contacts online more than a year, so they are not priority 1 to have on FL =)

    to be honest, I was totally expecting it because I am sure you have around 200 contacts in queue (the only word in english from the end of which you can remove 4 letters and it still sounds the same) before me :D



    No worries :)

    Sales are moving very slowly atm so not on as much as I wish to be.

    I need to save a fair bit for the next step of making stuff to play EU so I am just picking away in Afterworld for the time being.

    Clashed again with SC on the AW Tech Forums *sigh*
    They are so selfish it is not funny, bad for the future of Afterworld :(

    I asked the support mod to clean up the tech forum thread and they did and locked it. Talk about a tanty, they got absuive in the end because of the changes in VU 9.8.4.

    I am going to cruise for now as a non-depositor in AW until deposits go in each week to EU to do stuff ;)

    See you around.
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