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  • Hi there. Thanks for the +rep. Glad I could make you :D and hope to meet you in-game sometime.

    Thanks >.<

    ill make sure you get fkkt sooon..just watch...ill get you where you dont see it comin..ok smart guy just azzes like u get fkkt in the end..enjoy your fkkn thts comin
    shit .. HI ZANE ! >_<
    I think I killed someone in your soc just now - lol .. I was mining and he dropped a probe where I did .. so I killed him ! LOLOLOL
    I promise I don't do it often, this is one time of maybe 5 pk'ing someone - but I realized they were in your soc after I left and was like DOH !:duh:
    lol plz don't hate me ! :laugh: :ahh:
    might want to replace the userbar in your sig, I replaced the image with a slightly adjusted one. Threads also been updated with some more!
    Hello my friend ... thanks for your note in my profile, it's appreciated. So far, I have sold everything but my apt and my skills, and I'm not going to do anything with those anytime soon. I keep current with the updates, and pop in now and then, but going forward ... if I get involved again at any level, it would only be from a community-building perspective and that's it, but ... the developers make even that difficult to accomplish successfully, so I guess we'll see what happens. ;)
    sounds interesting. I am more a rock/blues/pop/oldies kinda vocalist but have done other things too. Do you ever have vocals on your music? I can add vocals if you would like that at any time. Or you could send me some of your music to let me hear what you do. Not sure what darkwave is, sounds interesting.
    awww thanks for the wee message. I hope it gets sorted soon too. I see you are a musician. What do you play/what type of music do u do? Can you record? I ask because I do singing and can record and I am always on the look out for other musician who I can work with.
    Thanks, it's the original artwork Aidan Hughes made for the album. I love his style (and the album, oc).
    Hehehe, it's one of my favorite videos.

    I also do a very good impression of it, minus the high notes. :laugh:
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