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  • Hey, Messiah =)

    Damn I miss the game... due to having moved I have not been able to log in for one whole month. But soooon... Hope all is well!
    Thanks for your comment ... I'm glad that you love somes :).
    These are the first i have made ... More to come.
    :rofl: @ Sam, well if i'm gonna be operating on people for a career i better make sure i do things the right way ;)

    But yeah, i know i haven't been online for a couple of months, but i'll be back for sure in about 3-4 weeks time - YES actually "online"!! :) Gonna go Marakesh 2 days after my Medical Finals, hehe :yay:
    Hi Mess:) Hows school going? Doing some progress or do they keep you lockt in over the summer?
    LOL, It seemed hilarious how big it was last night! ;) I may have to tidy up now :rofl:
    Haha...funny Dr Dolittle! I grew up in Motor City (Detroit) What do you expect?? :) Fine, the softer side of me....I love to walk around aimlessly around the city with friends or by myself filling up my Canon Rebel XTi with billions of pictures, breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge still make me smile......buuut hate to break it to beard or belly here :D And Cen loves me lol why bring him up eh? At least he likes me.... ;) You're mean! And you must be on some meds know my pic is in my Xfire profile! And suuure Dr. Raven can put you back together again ;) So hurry and get your shiit done Messy boy!
    Ooohh....prescribe me some eh?? lol Careful Messy boy! It has been documented and noted :D As for putting stuff's a loose or open statement, I know. I actually love putting together car models, assembling furniture or even building from scratch, installing stereo equipment (home/cars), getting greezay under the hood of a BMW while learning how to tinker with shiit, oh and I loove LEGOS! :D Of course, I could add more to the list but......I'd hate to spam your lil' profile ;)
    lol well considering i've been working all day for exams next week... yah, greatest time of my life :p
    Hmm, no one can replace you ;) Buuuuut yes...I haven't been staring into storage space lately either :D I hope you do well on your exams!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL @ that pic you posted, was harsh to watch with a hang-over :rofl:
    LOL I'd forgotten I had sent that, untill I looked at your profile! :rofl: You can always delete it if you done like it ;)
    like i dont get enough sparkles from your site, dj lol

    thanks tho :D
    well i dont play anymore Mes ... i dont have a time now and EU is just like chat room now:) ya know..much changes irl and thats happend...:p
    Med exams...ouch!:) but i wish ya good luck:p
    Well, I have this jewel doing diddly squat, thats a nice gift right? :D

    Hiya Mess!

    Where the hell you been!!!? Hope alls ok.. The Scips and Hogs are kinda boring solo, get yer ass back

    Anywho, hope you get this... oh i still got the DOA, having alotta fun with it :D
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