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  • I see some chapters of TV show SAAB years ago. I am science fiction fan. This is reason i send message :)

    If you liked the video I posted in the Saratoga thread, you'll love the show it came from.

    Google for "Space: Above and Beyond". It was a US television show that unfortuately went only 1 season, mostly due to the network putting it in a time slot that got covered when sunday sports ran long.

    SAAB was a a more gritty look at space and war, following a small squad of Marines that fought on air, sea, land, and space. Good Stuff!
    Feffoid disappear since before xmas. Same with Maffoid and Boorum. Maffoid come back with V10.7. I have not seen Feffoid yet but Fort Fury is there number 1 position on Calypso. I will check. Good luck with your argument.
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