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  • Hes as fearsome as a critter with that hair absent as long as he has a boorum beer in his hand :D
    Hey Rill whats with the grass on top of ya head, wuz looking for the farm yard anilmals but no fences seen... must be all feral ;)
    Hi, mate.

    I try visit zones where i think i see Feffoid after VU10. I cannot find or i am killed before arrive zone. I check Entropia Tracker with my hunting global and see Feffoid Raider global December 9.

    I cannot do more at this subject, i do 2 mob train today trying find feffoid spot but i fuck another player and perhaps have a support case about me.

    Greetings. Milesio.
    Thxs Rill Hope ur Xmas was a grate one to & Hope ur 2010 is an even better one! C u in game soon : )
    Hey Rill

    Merry Christmas hope you have a great day with your family.

    be safe take lots of care....
    Merry Christmas to you too Rill! I'll hopefully be getting on live sometime in January, I'll hit you up then for sure!
    thanks Rill,
    i'll pass on the message, same to you and all the best for 2010.
    -Lawz :)
    I've been slack reason aside I'll try to link up soon Seasons greetings
    Great thinking :) I am considering a post in the WoF forum with a break down of 'things that are handy to delegate during WoF' But hesitate as each team is run so differently and it really is up to the WoF captain how they chose to run it this year.
    However, I did learn alot throughout WoF '09 and if you feel it is of any use, will happily share my thoughts on the key 'things to get done'
    Let me know either way :)
    In (another) reply to your PM, you might be able to hook up the controller and use it as a game controller in EU, with the program you mentioned.

    I haven't really tried playing with a game controller, though not too long ago I was considering playing EU with a Wii-remote thanks to a thread here on EF...
    lol :p , MA gaves me a reply i postet it all if u still interestet. Its just bad that MA dont like to give us clear answers. :p
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