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  • Just left a lighthearted remark on your Shopkeeper Sales thread, and immediately felt bad. Friendly ribbing only. But you knew that... :thumbup:
    can you contact me ingame or by email at or as Rednats ingame i will be glad if you can design me a banner and you can add your add on it as big as you need to.
    have you had time to consider any of my offers? i see your thread has been moved to the garbage bin. i feel a bit ignored. you have my contact information. please make the most of it.
    Hi MMA.

    I hope there's no problem with my application? I've waited two days yet, no reply from you and I've sent a couple of pm's.

    I hope all is well.
    Hi Jason,

    Admittedly I am ashamed to be apart of this community at various times, Too many unprofessional :cussing: amateurs who live within pigeon-holes.

    Think of them as (L) particpants, one day they will reach their limits. :laugh: Maybe even fall out of their pigeon-holes and find a whole new unexplored universe out there if they are lucky.

    At least your getting a fast-track crash course into virtual life in Entropia and the politics surrounding some of issues within the community.

    Just keep plodding away, try not to allow your momentum in getting deeds accomplished be diminished by the clueless and un-ethical.

    Your doing ok, still lots to learn, but your willingness to learn and take advise along with the punches from others is admirable.

    Do yourself a favour though, pay the service fee with Neomaven/711 to have your own sub-section on this forum. It will circumvent half the twits you will need to deal with on a daily basis and make your life a hell of a lot easier in making successful progress.

    Take Care & Good Luck,
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