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  • well Girlie Girl, life is totally what u make it, so take it by the balls and make it yours b4 it f'cks u over, turns it back on u and goes to sleep! *winks!.. You must have lots of great goth gear in the USA... and probably lots of choice for really big girlies like me!!.. UK is sooooooo crap for getting interesting stuff in big sizes.. found it almost impossible even just getting suspender belts to hold up stockings here!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Thaks Navada,
    Originally I made for on stage cabaret singing outfit but have adapted it a little and changed the skirt/boots for going to the Club. I have another i did which has a longer skirt (short front and long back) in pvc and has a bat wing shaped edge and the top has a front panel in pvc with bat edging along top and corsette style panels laced at the back over a base of stretchy black velvet. has detatchable long armbands with lace/net 'cuffs' which flow over the hands and covering the arm bands on the top are 'swag' type sleeves that go over the upper arm... worn with the boots and lace underskirt showing below the shorter front hem and have the lace / net 'bussle/skirt' at back too.. is fairly gothic looking in the end. If I can find a pic that shows it I will put it in the gallery and send u a link... so u like goth stuff?? or u more into the bdsm stuff??
    hahaha, "shiver me timbers".. is that something a girl should say? :p

    Take care hun ;)
    Hi Navada :)
    I haven't been as much on due to my crappy luck and due to RL things to keep me ocupied... (school...)
    Take care out there :) I hope to see you around
    Ahoy there Matey... Ne'er afore did I see a wench with hair what'd shame the sight of a 4-mast Galleon goin' down a' the stern under fire... Ah- Harrr.... ;)
    "Now that it's all said and done
    I can't believe you were the one
    To build me up and tear me down
    Like an old abandoned house
    What you said when you left
    Just left me cold and out of breath
    I fell too far, was in way too deep
    Guess I let you get the best of meeee

    Well I never saw it coming
    I should have started running
    A long, time agooo!
    And I never thought I'd doubt you
    I'm better off without you
    More than you, more than you know
    I'm slowly getting closure
    I guess it's really over
    I'm finally gettin' better
    Now I'm picking up the pieces
    From spending all of these years
    Putting my heart back together
    ‘Cause the day I thought I'd never get through
    I got Over You!!! "

    Chris Daughtry - Over You
    negative, I have been deployed for hurricane IKE SARs support missions...

    shouldnt be too much longer before I am back in game...

    back to work now...
    no man could deny your wish to learn poker :) so, english isnt my native tongue, i will try to write and transform my knowledge into something like a guide and send it to you, part for part. what do you think?

    cheers nOvacuLa
    LMAO oh really now ? and y's that ? the place keeps flooding and i hate large bodies of water :p We're suppose to get married there tho if the place doesnt drowned before March 2009 lol How u been? Alax has been a puter hog lately so im not on much any more. ttyl Saph
    Heya Lynn - things this end are a little slow atm - but its nice to have a bit of a break. Hope things are good your end.
    HEY! Hello there :)
    The movie is going pretty good. Still need voice talents but I decided to shoot the whole movie first then worry about voices, I could always add them later. Oh, and the title is actually "DarkHearts" not "Darknights" :laugh: :laugh:
    But that might change also. Thanks for asking ;)
    Hi Navada!! Hey I have not see your gorgeous self either, Im out of town, I will be back soon! Good Luck and Have fun RexE
    ehm btw.. hurricane?
    just checked your pics.. is your house flooded aswell like that?
    and if so.. did you get a day off from work ^^

    and lol xD
    nava u sure don't have an easy name to write down.
    oh well.. it's easy, but im to lame to do so haha.
    LOL so things are as they usually are eh? :D I was on a bit last night, didn't get on until late though. Still getting things settled down after the move so may be a li'l while before I'm on regularly again. :)
    Hi Navada :)
    I haven't been as addicted as before :silly:
    Mostly because soon my classes are starting :(....
    Hope to see you soon :) :hug:
    hey nava..
    yeah i've withdrawn already,
    now i gotta wait till the money arrives and then i can pay that bastard.

    so what u been up to lately?
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