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  • hi m8 im storm can you log in to unlock the achivament whit team hunt whit my mentor bacause i finish my mentoring and i cont receve my gift till you are not online to hunt one mob whit you because you are my mentor ty verry much and i weiting you online in game
    [PM Inbox Full]

    Hi John!

    I've read in the ingame ad of Control Room 2 that you're going to set up three radio streams for F.O.M.A. Fortuna.

    This message is an offer to be a DJ in any of those radio streams. I have experience in land based radios and I hosted a music show in Atlas Haven Radio (Popular Online Radio station in EU). I can play almost any style of music since I have a big collection.

    I'm in GMT +1 which is more or less MA time. I hope you're interested in me for your radio project.

    Thank you for your time!

    All the best,
    ~ Majandi
    You made your point in the thread. You made it again in a neg rep. You now repeat the whole damned thing here. Totally unnecessary. What next: PM? e-mail? letter-bomb?

    You are missing the point. It's not me you have to answer to. Just letting you know what the community is thinking about this.
    hey Pesok,
    one of your forum-friends is a well known and convicted (therefore banned) pro trust scammer. I talk of Chery Chery Lady, which is just the name of one of his many avatars ( Toodle-Doo Ernestas, my eyes are stil open and as promised i hunt you down to the end of the virtual world if i must!)

    Greetings from a real friend of Club Noname Domes

    Don't know you - just followed a link :D Gratz on huge achievement! Over and out :)
    Фома, привет. Я собрал деньги. зайди в игру на этой неделе с 8 до 17 по Москве
    looks like you won the set at sb, can you pls lemme know around what MA time you are online so we can meet.

    Привет Фома. Как у тебя дела ? давненько не видно.
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