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  • I thought You are a very rude and intolerant person..Later when we have events i will be sure to ask you to leave..Plus since u feel we arenmt known ill ask our listeners to comment on your rudeness.
    And by the way, why you reported only my thread and let it move to trade section.

    I have seen a lot threads like mine that inform people about property for sale, and even those that look after property to buy it.

    Why you didn´t report all those others, too?

    What is your problem with me ????
    Giving out -REP for someone posting an Information about property sale in the property section is kind of stupid.
    Thanks a lot for giving out -REPs for that!

    You should use your brain! Where do you look first if you are interested in a shop?
    At section property or at section sales ????

    And its definately not a comon sales thread, as I don´t want to auction it, didn´t place a startbid nor a buynot, and no information how long it is up for sale.

    It is just an information that it is reopened now, as I rented it out, but still considering to sell it, and taking offers per PM.

    So why the hell I get some - REP from you for spreading this information in the proper section where it belongs to!

    Don´t act like a kid next time!
    So the Tables Turn....
    redan gett dig +rep så får väl skriva här istället, varför inte göra en ny tråd med alla fina "Ma gör så, nej inte så ändra tillbaks igen" :D
    hi Roughrider gratz on the win, Let us know when your next online and I will cut your hair for you.


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