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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register odd sir odd bunny
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    Married after 20 years

    Big congrats to both you! :yay: Will be celebrating my own wedding next summer to another entoprian, seems to be the new thing :ahh:
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    TI City 'G' Apartment

    TI City 'G' Apartment (Finished) *Gets cobwebs off to look formal* Greetings fellow entropians! Looking for help in getting a Price Check on an apartment @ Treasure Island. TI Silver 'G' sized apartment, 8th floor. Bought this place a long while ago and seeing if the market has changed...
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    Happy Birthday MS9

    Happy Birthday Star :cool: ...Not done yet!
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    Merry X-mas Star ;)

    Merry X-mas Star ;)
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    Demolition Dimension Part 2

    I lol'd :d
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    News: Skillin' Villains Haunted Castle

    Gotta watch out for that King Gong...he'll steal your lootz :cool: Great Story MS9 :wtg:
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    Scip HOF & Big ESI

    saw that last night, go Twitch :cool:
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    Are there any mining rules-of-thumb in V10?

    No new rules really. Just stay away from the red dots on radar (and white ones in PvP) :P
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    Whats your FIRST & BEST EU memory?

    My first...11/15/2005 (1st day);Took me an entire hour to get out of the landing zone in system wasn't near enough able to run EU in towns at the time (PA, Argus..don't even get started about Twins). But I was too damn stubborn to give in. Best memory...too many really. If I had to...
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    Happy Birthday - NEVERDIE

    Happy Birthday ND! :wtg:
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    Happy Birthday MS9!

    Who said I wasn't at work? -_^? ;)
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    Happy Birthday MS9!

    Happy Birthday Star!:yay::wtg:
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    Version Update 10.0.8 Content List

    :yay: (wan't a major issue but still very nice -_^)
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    Happy birthday, lykke

    Happy Birthday Lykke :wtg: