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  • Thanks for your letter.
    But when i writing about the hunting i dont mix in the crafting i know that crafting cost lot and that you will lose like hell in the begining that i have ni problem with ( i rised almost 10 lvl in all my crafting skills in 1 month ) i told me self that i would craft for a month and i know i would lose much. When i writing in EF about hunting then i mean just hunting and nothing else and the big problem for me that i losing like hell in hunting.

    Once more.Thanks for your letter. Sir Valentin
    well its true, that -thing- does nothing good afaik. only crashes ppls threads etc.
    Hi mate,

    Something you may be interested in reading, they are only generalisations and by no means am I pushing any of this onto you. If you see value in it, great, if not, no worries at all.

    Staring @ One of many of the things the system does do

    And as a reference point to the above without going too far back as their are several other posts that go into more detail ...

    Just some food for thought to add to your own ideas :)
    Well yes,

    But I moved from a huge apart to a 5x5 room because i got kicked out of my house xD

    Only had a contract for a certain ammount of months.
    On the bright side it gives me time to apply for colleges without wanting to play a game..

    And I quite smoking beat that :p
    Ah nice one mate :)

    Having any luck sofar??

    I just moved and my isp is refusing to give me internet on my new adress it seems untill my old one has run out which isnt for 1.5 fucking months :(
    Hey mate, How are you doing with the aliens?

    Sorry I hvnt been on, and I prolly wont be on for a while :((((

    Thanks alot mate :D

    You bet ill be right back up on cp asap when u get back to continiue on the eco making money tour :D
    Hehe :xmas:

    Merry Mayhem for me :D
    Getting ready to win a landarea atm :D

    Will do alot of massive sessions 12 hours + this week :D
    2 teams 2 chances :D
    ck and ckS team :)
    So ill be busy getting broke and hope to win something in the end ;)

    Hows ur holiday?
    10 more min before I can go...
    Then 15 min on bike, 10 min getting enough smokes and food to last till 12 huntin at cp ;)

    And probably having to try and fix internet first :p
    But ill do my best :D
    Thanks Bunch chap!
    That does cheer me up!, But it wont lessen my hangover I fear. Work is truly terrible today.. But it might be my head:evilking:

    But please take both if u wish, Whatever u want :D

    Sorry bout last night, hope you had a good hunt aftherall?
    I R bored aswell :DBut I got cigs:) Ima smoke a cigg, What to do.. Well try out this Got a arcade with a millions games in there :evilking:Or U could do some pushups :PHit a wall for 2 hours each a day and start your shaolin monk training maybe?
    It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings is a proverb, essentially meaning that one shouldn't assume the outcome of some activity (frequently a sports game) until it has actually finished.
    This phrase in turn refers to the impression by many of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen (aka the Ring cycle) as a lengthy opera finally concluding in an aria sung by a heavy-set woman dressed like a valkyrie. The Ring cycle is a set of four separate operas (lasting about 15 hours), in which the final scene includes Brünnhilde singing, and then riding onto Siegfried's funeral pyre.

    Message was to long xD :D
    Drivin lessons where alright, Only bad thing was the intructor, and me having to pay her lol, Thougt i still had some lessons left, guess ittl be draining me again xD.

    Only got a few hours 2night, as at 2030MA time Im go out with the guys and get not to wasted cause of work 2morrow!

    I assume, The fat ath must sound before its over!

    Yo Adi :D

    Im bored, Hows the programming going ;)
    5 hours and 31 min :D and ill be shootin baby acid bags again :D
    When I said sacrifice loot, I wasn't talking about CP :D
    CP is a nice place to get loot AND skills.... Crazy :D
    Gratz on your EFD drawing win, I had 50% of the tickets for that one, so was shocked that it was not me. Clearly gambling is not my strong suit... and yet Here I am :D
    Hai there, thx for the fast reply in my STTS thread, i will available anytime now..should we arrange for meet up perhaps?
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