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  • Oh and ofc u erased every single visitor message of mine, even ones that weren`t rough... wuss. It`s ok, i see there`s dozens of other people`s u couldn`t get taken off, so ppl can still see what a douche u can be. How u basically just pull hissy fits instead of even understanding a problem, sad sad little boy.
    Great, another comment that doesnt answer a single thing put forward to ya... U DO get u don`t sound any smarter with those stupid comments?
    Ye, except i don`t laugh at ppl who got somethin to say, i tend to laugh at the ones who can`t think of anything but insults ;) Love how people who`d wax philosophic are generally considered intelligent, except by idiots who don`t get what they`re sayin.... All u do is tip ur hand at how intelligent u urself are, not impressed tbh.

    Surprise, surprise, how did i guess u wouldn`t even ADDRESS ONE point....But u would insult me, i must b a fkin seer, or have some secret knowledge of the future... nah, i know ur type lol.

    Having nothing to say ever but fk you, child, blah blah... You really don`t see how u come across, honestly? You know, saying a lot is not the same as talkin out ur ass, there`s ppl who write entire books; Talk about a rant huh? ;) Have u ever read one of those outside of school or prison?
    Funny half ur visitor messages read like ur a retard to everyone. That's just the ones u couldn't get deleted too hahaha. You barely even register on the fkin tracker, yet u talk a big game on forum ;) Till u actually make a fkin dent in the system, i think i'll listen more to ppl like stryker, fluske, etc, rather than some self entitled douche who picks on ppl cause his game ain't shit.
    I bet the avg person in ur soc is probably ok, but i ran into a KS SANCTUARY SOC HUNT FFS! Then get insulted, treated like a noob by ppl who didn't have HALF my skills, and then told i'm the douche on top of it. You still don't even care u drove 2 new players to quit the game even. Oh, then saoirse had the fkin courage to ask me for help hahahahahaha. You're fkin flakier than a twilight zone episode.
    A NORMAL, STABLE person, says... Look, i'm sorry for being a dick bk then, i was a fking noob and thought i was bad ass with my group of noobs. I'll try to not do it again... A prick like u just blows up on the person on TOP of having been a prick in the past to him. Reason ur not responding? Cause it just has nothin flawed in the argument, ass, to make me look bad is just childish. Instead, throw and insult here, ignore a perfectly valid point there... Fkin noob in life, don't even know how to function with other humans lol.

    You act like you're still in highschool, have ur nuts even dropped yet? Feel sorry for ppl who associate with you honestly, u make ppl look bad. Top50 ain't hard, all i gotta do is be a dick and kick all the new players we help, so don't feel so tough pls, and i sure as hell feel sorry for the other who get associated with ur douchebaggery.
    Simply saying that when a person makes sense, doesn't make it somehow true lol. Love these non arguments and insults, shows what lvl of discourse ur able to hold. You were NOT a debate team champion i'm guessin. You were probably the douchebag who picked on em.

    You refuse to even ADDRESS the fact u never cared enough to even apologize, even 2 yrs after the fact, douche douche. But i'm the prick... Mhmm... Yet ur so adamant that i should not KS an EXPLOITER, which by every right i should. Fk off, and hope i don't run into u ingame, cause i sure as hell won't b pleasant, and i'll b as ignorant as u and make believe YOU'RE the one overreacting. FFs all i did was warn gamble u guys ksed me and laughed it all off, bragged, etc, and never cared to apologize even, and u started a fkin war, even went lookin to comment on my thread, yet i'm the one unstable. You haven't even TRIED to respond to a single point, just insult insult insult.
    What rage man, are u fkin thick or what. Someone fks ya, u avoid em, u form an opinion. That u think u take up any time in my mind is deluded lol. Rage, lol, i thought u were a bunch of silly fkin noobs and i never bothered with ya.
    Holding on to all that rage is clearly making you crazy..I don't even remember the KS that you speak of..I was reminded of it when you were whining to Gamble the other week...

    Build a bridge and get over it already Sonny boy :)

    BTW you are a hypocrite..But I guess you're not mature enough to admit it. I figured as much:laugh:
    You just don't get what it is to run into pricks who show no sign of even WANTING forgiveness like you guys. It's not the guy u treated like shit who needs to automatically forgive and forget, it's the wrongdoer who has to SEEK frogiveness, you don't care u ksed at all. You found it funny even to laugh at em, and i doubt VERY much it was 4 yrs ago as i already had my ul assassin and commando almost, so MAYBE 2-3 tops. Don't think Levi existed 4 yrs ago btw ;)
    You're a hypocrite if you carry a KS grudge for 4 years but then KS others.
    Are you honest enough to admit it?
    This log in trouble's gettin to me... I need my swirley fix, yesterday MA was VERY unkind to me...
    Oh hey man, i've been meaning to get in touch with u but with all the hectic rl and event i've been in i've been tied up. Bare with me a bit, some days i don't even talk to old friends i've had for yrs ;)
    Lol, don't worry eras, just a lot of retardation and whiney ppl. :) Sucks on the timing on this server down, i know... lol
    Anyways, thanks to all who helped and supported me with it and thanks safara for seeming to still be a good guy even tho maybe a touch oversensitive, i do get ur point. Wish everyone the best, even the pricks who tried to crash my sales thread.

    Hope everyone had some happy holidays :)
    I agree there are better ways, but let's face it, after a week of bs i don't think most ppl coulda take it lightly. And just as u thought it was uncouth, well some on the other hand gave me respect and complimented me for standing up. I've also been made aware this is part of these ppl's character and nothing new. I'm generally the most easy going but u dunno the amount of jealousy and crap i've taken over the past week or so and it wore me thin. I've even snapped at one or two ppl who didn't deserve it and spent some of my time trying to make up for it. This one i felt was fully deserved tho.

    Anyways, hope people realize it's a product of stress and that we can't all be politically correct all the time to the point we can't even get angry.
    I have no issues with you defending yourself - and for sure I disagree completely with people trashing sales threads.

    But there are ways to get your message across and "interact with people" without being uncouth.

    I am glad you got your stuff sold and best wishes.

    I don't see how u can neg rep a sales thread and it's just ridiculous u can neg rep a person for asking for offers, people make me laugh lol. Whatever, I got enuff replies and pms both ingame and on EF to know who the douches who overreact are and i'm not doing anything odd.
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