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  • Have you still not figured out how to use the ignore button?

    I enjoyed your comment, "Dumbass liberal bitch..." I think it was. Im moving to Washington State. Out in the country. You should come over. We can go hunting. With all your experience, why dont you lead?
    Love your argument style dude.

    ~CHOPPER~: Durrr you're gay!
    Response: Did you just try to insult me with that? LULZ how 1988 of you.
    ~CHOPPER~: Hey, um... since it worked so well the first time... Durr, you're gay!
    Response: *facepalm* What a buffoon.

    Have a nice day!
    It's ok dude, you can always re-add me. Do you need some instruction on how to do that, or can you figure it out all by your wee self?
    Nah, I don't -rep... rep system is for internet thugs, I just wanted to comment and it was the only way I knew how without being public
    Thanks Hon, and you're welcome ... if anything else comes up I'll let you know. I sent off an email and now waiting for a response, but not so sure it will happen after all that's gone down. Guess we'll see. :)
    I'm sorry then... maybe I jumped to a conclusion but it seemed like you were laughing at rather than with the person.
    hehe, I guess you saw something negative in my rep given? I meant no harm, was quite positively writing :D


    I see you -rep a lot of people. I will -rep you every time I have the chance from now on, especially for -repping posts that are clearly good and are there to help. What you do is clearly a form of harassment, and I think you deserve to reach red on rep level, so I will do my best to help you get there. And I see on your visitor message that there are some more people thinking the same about you.
    Thank you for - rep may you forever burn in purgatory.... oh and sure im a fanboi, but atleast im not a looser
    I did read the post, then I asked the poster a question about it but he didn't answer. He is just trolling anyways and you are helping him, lol.
    Thanx for rep Chopper :wtg: Actually the guy I respnded to called me a "Cranky Old Trout" I thought that was bloody hilarious!! :rofl: Aww bless, brilliant!! Loved that comment!! DJ aka Cranky Old Trout!! LOLOL
    CHOPPER can u do me a favor if you chat to Erin at any stage get he to leave me a message on EF so I can send messages to her, she will be missing my lovely chat ingame lol TY x
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