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  • Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    Grats for winning the Create a Critter contest, from a fellow artist. :) And don't let the sands of time get in your lunch!
    Congratulations :) Very nice work, well deserved win. Looking forward to seeing it ingame.
    and this is the reaction I get for asking "I wanna make a bid so pls tell me ur price" these days. I would understand if you had said that about me doing PC or anything...
    Go away and keep your sales thread opinions to yourself or those among your society (if they can stand you) You are one of the biggest pain in the arse of all ppl on ef, especially in sales threads.
    Please please please stop.
    Salut Sofia, tout d'abord bonne chance pour ta tower :D Passe sur entropiafrance si ce n'est deja fait.
    Bonne journée !
    Might just be in sweden, it says it is removed due to breaking the useragreements on the site, so it is probly only in sweden ^^ sorry to bother!
    Xzion, I checked and it does work. Check your internet browser settings.
    your caramell dansen isnt working, it has been removed, add some other so i easily can get to that clip. ;)
    lyrics for "caramelldansen":
    Vi undrar är ni redo att vara med. Armarna upp nu ska ni få se Kom igen Vem som helst kan vara med "we wonder, are you ready to do this? get your arms up, let's see. come again, anyone can join"

    Så rör på era fötter Oa a a Och vicka era höfter Olalala Gör som vi Till denna melodi "so move your feet oa a a. and wiggle your hips o la la la. do like us, to this melody"

    Dansa med oss. Klappa era händer. Gör som vi gör. Ta några steg åt vänster Lyssna och lär Missa inte chansen Nu är vi här med Caramelldansen O o oa oa... "dance with us, clap your hands- do like we do. step to the left, listen and learn. dont miss the chance cause we are here now with the caramell dance"
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