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  • Hey I need my tracker account reset or my pass word sent to me. Could you please help?
    can't remember my login name or password.. {removed} Help been almost a yr since i lost the e-mail and no way to reset it from the home page of tracker.
    Actually, with the data you already have you could make far more useful combinations than games... but as i said, you lack ideas ;)
    Just like the auction data websites you can find... well, anywhere? What's wrong with your creativity?
    Brain-tissue is a scarce asset nowadays. Couldn't you think for a moment that it was nothing but a typo?... I fixed it. Not ET anymore, rather EU now.
    can u send me my et log in info my avatar is james dodo taylor and email is
    Can you help me regain my entropia tracker account plz?
    Its registered to Nero Pelleman Wolf
    I can meet you ingame and give you some peds also since I would like to have the Premium" package
    Hi Starfinder
    I have forgotten my Account details for "Entropia-Tracker" Login, my name Ingame is "Bertram Haudrauf Haui"
    Can you help me?

    Thanks for help
    Please - Send me a PM with the request in, instead of posting it to my public wall where everyone can see your avatar name + email.

    I am trying to log into my ET but i forgot my username and password and i am using new email.

    Eu name : Unique Mallo Son
    My new email :
    Country: Slovenia
    Last soc i was in on ET as i remember was: Sloveinan Monsters
    hi,Benjamin Ben Coyote here

    I'm trying to use my user name and password to log into Entropia Tracker, and it keeps rejecting me.. (and I know I'm using the right Username

    So if you could, please send it to

    Thank you for your time,

    Benjamin Ben Coyote (BenCoyote in the EF)
    can't remember user or password for tracker, can you send it to please.
    thank you,
    mika mik chasing:confused:
    hi. im currently browsing via my ps3 since my comp crashed, and on the tracker i cant find any log in button??
    hi, I saw on a previous post that we can contact you for a pb with entropiatracker site. I create quickly an account for my avatar when I begin entropia 7 month ago but now I want login again but i forgot my password. I try to create again an account but my avatar full name already existing ! could you help me please ? thanks a lot
    Renton talked to you in the entropia tracker...

    I cant remember my login and password to the entropia tracker.

    Can you send me that data?

    hi bro 1i have an issue about ET(racker)...i see you advertise and now find the time (and have been define the problem):land in read about features/upgraderegistration :but not email confirm (but this is not a problem)jump in other 360 Net Island:ninja: exctract client.rarring of bell.:ahh:i dont remember username password:scratch2:.... ok :boxer: come back on support site;i try to reset username but
    this 3 harrasser string continue to haunt me ...if you have advice about ....
    need requisite about order:
    -just a little wontly to meet brained people
    -wontly to not begin toil activity
    -extremly wontly to turn up reaction in people around yourself

    post it in hypotalamic zone... attend answer an keep enjoy!!!!!!!!
    Thanks For The Replyes
    Hey Starfinder,

    Everything is working fine no problems on my end,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tool with us.
    Best Wishes for the New Year xxx


    I seem to be having a problem with my EU Tracker account. I can not remember my password but the "Lost Password" feature wont reset my password. I get this....

    The website cannot display the page
    HTTP 500
    Most likely causes:
    •The website is under maintenance.
    •The website has a programming error.

    I posted in forum and they said you may be able to help.

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