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  • What on earth are you talking about, have you just escaped from the nuthouse? missed your medication?
    I do not have a page with my 3D models, if that's what you're asking. If English is not your first language, then I suggest translating. I'm having some difficulties understanding.
    Oh ok i understand now. I now sing often as it helps to make me feel betetr when I am stressed or unhappy. Learning to sing has only increased my enjoyment of singing as now i sound fairly pleasant as well as feeling better.
    I'm sorry I don't completely understand what you were saying to me on my visitor page. Accept the part about music and my answer to that questions is pretty much anything though I tend to like rap the least.
    hey teka23
    im sorry to say but your mindstorm is out of control . your environment cant compete with this nobody understands what you are saying
    no i didnt knew that, but now i know :wtg: thcx
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