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    Gold Card out of sync

    I am pretty sure I already did that at least once. And, I generated two codes and they are shown in both support cases I have already submitted. I will try again but I think that even if they had contacted me to to tell me if I submitted it to the wrong department, that would have been better...
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    Gold Card out of sync

    Mine did this on 17th October 2015. I filed a support case (311129) but I still have had no reply. I even opened a second support case 10 days later, on 27th October (311585) when I had heard nothing but have had no reply to that one either. If anyone at MindArk reads these forums, could...
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    Help: Voice chat options greyed out

    I have had the same problem. Chat icons greyed out and unable to tick the boxes in voice chat options. I tried changing the firewall settings without any luck. Finally, I found the reason for my problem..... I have a program called Netintelligence installed that is supposed to stop my kids...
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    EPIRB (Emergency position-indicating radio beacons.)

    Excellent idea on EPIRB. I'm sure MA could do this quickly if they wanted to
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    Sweat as fuel for vehicles?

    An excellent idea. Sweat needs to have more value
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    The Never Found City of Atlantis?

    OMG! If this isnt real then MA please tell us why not. This would be so cool :yay:
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    Selling: First Gen Resurrection Chip

    well, has it been sold yet??? If so, how much did it go for? We deserve to be told :D
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    attention decoders!

    You all have it wrong. The message reads Shall we have takeaway Indian or Chinese tonight? Just joking, of course :)
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    Forum avatars

    Well, I think it's one that MA designed. If you run it through , I think the closest seems to be Technia 1 but even that isnt identical. Maybe someone else knows different? I just used a lot of copy and paste in to create some letters that looked...
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    Forum avatars

    We all know the original Planet Calypso logo. All MA representatives use this as an avatar on this forum: I thought it would be good to have a nice avatar like that, but expressing in some way my usual ingame experience. Apologies for my graphics skills which are not wonderful, but I...
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    Please Help - I Need To Find Djuba Oberon Boa

    Nice result, and I am very pleased for you Lyyke :yay: Let's not forget that someone still got scammed, even if they were a voluntary victim. All respect to whoever that was.
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    Uber: Another Massive Fire root :)

    + rep Because I like it when someone sticks one on the PVP lot :laugh: maybe I'm unlucky, but someone always takes me out when I go to PVP :/
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    Why is sweating in armour so frowned upon?

    Or better still, get some Bodyguard (see this thread).
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    Araneatrox mating season approaches

    Not stew, just oven bake them. Very tasty I hear. There is at least one UK shop selling something similar :eek:
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    "connect" to your ingame avatar like in "Avatar" movie

    How do I know I am not an avatar for my avatar?? :laugh: