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  • :laugh:
    What do you mean .. what's with it? =)
    I grew bored of EU and so I tried out some new games .. but I'm back - cuz nothing compares to you buncha crazy fuckers. :hug:
    I just wish my EU avatar was as uber lookin' as my SL one ..but then again my SL one can't tank a Hogglo .. :scratch:
    Merry Christmas plonk!
    Merry Christmas and I look forward to a new year full of success and continued friendship in 2009. Thanks for all your support during the year and I am proud to have you on my friends list.
    I thought you Critted me you wanker. LOL. No hard feelings.. :) it was busy, and a stray shot. :)
    sorry bout that - storms here in Norfolk and net gone up the spout - EU keeps crashing me out
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