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  • Had a look around today and helped a few noobs... Old Legends helping new and upcoming :)
    Thank you for your help today - I postd a formal thank you in the noob forum area.


    I really have no idea how i could inform you about this Bagman than in here. Sorry for making this public ;):

    "Bagman has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

    Thanks all! I'm around but not playing due to some issues with updates and working away (self employed). Someone please post any updates here and I will check on them. If you have LinkedIN then you can join me and others with the Entropia Universe group. I live in LinkedIN now due to work. Love you all and keep the Aussie Flag raised people!!!
    All the best for 2010.
    Merry XMAS Bags and may the new year bring you lots of fun and luck and hope all is good and family too;)
    oh gees, My +rep was supposed to say "hovering around mate" not "hovering around me" :ahh: just thought I'd clear that up :D
    HELLLLPPP. This weekend, Saturday April 4th, USA is going up again Italy. Because of them forcing us to pick a horrible time slot (1600 MA Time). We will be short on support players. Please if you can be online and at Wolverine TP at 1530 MA Time. (That is EST 11:30 AM EST, CST 10:30 AM CST, MST 9:30 AM MST, PST 8:30 AM PST, AKST 7:30 AM AKST, HST 6:30 AM HST.) Last time we had enough people to finish hunting in a hour, and most people used 50-100 peds for there hunting. If you think you can join us on Support hunting PLEASE DO. USA needs your help!! PM me for any more details.
    :birthday: :cheer: :birthday:

    It doesn't say its your B'day. so unless you tell peeps how could they know ;)

    :yay: Hope you have a great day :yay:
    Hey Hey =) thanks for the xmas & new year wishes, sorry for no reply havent been online since begginging december =( But a merry Chrissy and new year to you =) Hopefully see you all very soon as soon as optus decides to connect my internet ...
    Bags shit stirin again, can I shove one of my babel fish in ya 42 year old hearing dog's ear while you mime air guitar in school shorts to ACCADACCA dirty deeds done dirt cheap ;)
    Yeah if you dont hear from me ...dont worry! Im not here. LOL

    A public email for me is

    All the best in 2009 to all my aussie mates and soc friends and those I have met through the game!

    Hi Bags...Thanks for your kind words and all the very best to you and family for the New Year.:)
    Happy New Year Bags!! 2008 had some great times for us Aussies... WoF, Perth expo, Zych event... hope we have as many great times in 2009! All the very best for you and your family for the New Year :).
    Happy New Year everyone dropping by!~

    btw My Merry Mayhem Score was 10,324 for approx 32 hrs.

    Cheers to Grrrrr for support at the end!

    Merry Christmas to you (belated) as well Bags. I was away at my sister's for Xmas and now have the flu :(. I look forward to 2009 with hopes that I will be even more inspired with EU. Many great things with CE2 expected. Most of all is the friendships made in game and ours that continues from our Chicagos Hardcore Gamers group for many years before EU. All the best in 2009! :)
    Thank you for the kind words Bags.

    A very Merry Christmas to you!

    Was a pleasure meeting you this year, hope the year to come treats you well. :)


    Thanks for your well wishes. I've just had an engagement party, moved house, am buying a new car, and am moving into a new calendar year for SFE, so it's a very exciting time for us! I wish you all the very best for your Entropian ambitions, and it's a pleasure to have you on my FL as well. Merry Christmas mate!
    Wishing you a merry christmas also and a safe year ahead. Oh and lots more loot of course!
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