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  • Hey milk its Mikayla ur mentor sorry i havent been on my hard drive fried on my computer and well i can fix it no moolah so im on a dinosaur computer that wont even run the game ive tried :/ but anyquestions hit me up i check in here since i cant do much else :( sorry and GL skill away
    Im here at the teleport waiting for ya, if u read this log on :) will be here the next 5 min
    Okey, drop by there and check at the teleport then, If I aint there then lets do it tomorrow
    Bummer, I dont think I will be awake then. But I might be, what calypso time do you expect to be online again?
    Lets try to meet today at Treasure Island Teleport Calypso time 22:00
    Calypso Time can be seen if you scroll to the very bottom of this page
    Hey Milk, if you need a fair buyer Ill can buy off you. You said you dont have large PED to work with, so Im guessing you cant afford to mass large quantities of matter then sell. Therefore if you want I can be a buyer for your decent stuff, anything close to TT I pay at almost TT as good faith. I can buy probably most your enmatters for -3%, maybe -4%.
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