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  • Funny thing about that +rep... My girlfriend and I actually want to move to Europe - most likely to Italy or the UK.
    Thanks man for +rep,
    You know, budd, when two men got different view points there is always good middle point to meet what is usualy neutral :D

    Thanks again - there's always good to know you are not "flying" and someone shares opinion with you.

    Best regards,
    Hey Apache.

    Sry I forgot to write... But I can't make it tomorrow.
    I hope you'll have a great day in Tivoli without me.

    Cu ;)
    He he :)
    Nah, I prefer other outlets for my creativity. (You've seen one of my silly games)

    I hope I'll survive the trouble :scared:
    Vedder, Im warning you! If I have to check here again, with still nothing done, there will be trouble! :vampire:

    Now get creative! :D
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