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  • Hi Auktuma, no problem for late answer, you know that any Entropian is Master Expert in patience. :D
    Oki, I will be in Aloode tonight at 18:00. And I'll add you in FL for the next items. Looking forward to meeting you in real (pixels). :p
    Hi Terminator,
    I'm sorry seen your message too late. I will come tomorrow for ACTUS?
    I'm happy to help any1 on tiering but lately do that any time people ask me when meet me in game. Havent had any interested on ACTUS for long so I became inactive too :/. I wish people to use my high skills but free will on them I respect. Peace if service is not needed.
    Hi Auktuma, I have some items to tier, are you still offering the ACTUS service at Aloode 18:00?
    Hi Vlad,
    the thing was I haven't heard about my offer been accepted. You had my offer and literally you rejected it (asking slightly higher price), so I'm confused what response you been waiting for... I'm not trader and I don't like bargaining. I valued for myself your items and you had my offer for that time moment. (btw you had my response about new situation).
    We know that EU is dynamic and many things happen to influence our life. You haven't had any word for how long my offer will stay. At the moment situation further have changed - I should cancel my offer (but it haven't been accepted!). I bring my apologies for complexity.
    Hi Auctuma,

    I'm still can't link with you. Looks like you do not read privite messages (I sent already three during last week) :). I've visited sometimes your shop at PA though without success. Please try to conect me through Olga Barsik Barlasova or somebody else from Hyperborean soc in your list. I'm usually at Fort Argus, auction near TP from 17 to 22 of EU time.

    Best regards,
    Vlad Banokin
    I will post about it today after the tiering service session (or at least until this weekend) - just dunno how it will take of time to design it. Yesterday I did some tests, things looks like work properly so time to realize it. It will be next service donated to community. No word now - will be surprize :)

    Still a good bit of resources to donate using ACTUS. Today service will be at usual daily 18:00 in Aloode
    :) are you not doing the tiering service anymore? What's this new service?

    EDIT: Just saw your post :)
    To TheVoid: 1:1 :D What about that "deserves" I liked many ideas/minds on the thread about that "deserves". I join to that "deserves" is very complex :). Hard to find out if 0.8 deserves or also 0.79? If to give to 0.8 - how 0.79 will feel? If no clarity about who deserves, no strict rules to determine - better not to hurt relations within community. Personally me not looking for symbols, medals - best reward is good mood in the house.

    To HybOj: Hehe, I'm not yet sure if that's good or bad to be REAL player ;) Will wait for our meet in game. Peace!
    You are a REAL player, and if I made any comment like that you are not, it was not ment that way :)
    Thanks for the +rep :D

    If anyone deserves any recognition from the community/MA is you ;)
    hey m8

    I tryed to use your shopkeeper @ minopolis but it says I don't have permission to use it. You probably need to make your estate public

    Have fun
    I heard that you are able to craft Ghoul armor. If I was to supply the tridenite, and other materials required, could you craft it?

    - Statik
    Happy New Year to you :yay:
    Please help us find some fare justice - click this link New Oxford Shops - Please comment on the thread and support us.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season my Dear Auk.

    Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    Hello Auktuma. I'm one of your crafting fans.:yay: Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying all of the infiltrator armor parts I've purchased from you via EU auction. :)

    Gratz on the GeoTrek LP510 Huo, SGA Edition. May you HOF often. :wtg:

    Hello Dear Auk ... I'm glad that you and your family enjoyed the vacation, but it's also nice to have you back home again. ;)
    Hi Auktuma ...Iam leaving for good soon... had a post but got deleted... so Thank You!!! TC ... here's the post Thank you!!!
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