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Jan 20, 2012
Arbos Labs
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Arbos Space is now accepting offers for the research vessel EFA Pathfinder XV.

Price = 45kPED Base Price + SI cost
[Gold at 110% for 15kPED total; kindly installed by Sbi]

Academy will temporarily close down it's premises for an extended sabbatical. PM me or write to



Arbos Space believes in Space that is unrestricted and open to all entropians.
We operate a donations based Space Academy on a Vega Class research vessel.
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Great idea!

See you in space!
Thanks! Space is the final frontier.
This is an excellent idea, i would certainly like to see it in game.

I think its safe to say that space expansion is on its way, there will most defiantly be a need for this sort of thing. :cool:
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Arbos Space has has now set up an open Space Academy on Pathfinder XV.

The next century is about space for mankind.
Entropia Universe is the playground for ideas.
I think an open space vessel will bring more active explorers into EU space!

All details available at

Officer or instructor candidates should apply privately via PM!


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well, isn't that the step into the future we were hoping for back in 2004-2005 already...

if you do not count me in, it will be taken as an affront to my dignity! :smoke:

With the next server update, Pathfinder XV will be capable of whitstanding the most dangerous threats of the Universe.

The ship was upgraded to 12275 SI per section by space leader Sbi.
This great engineering feat was closely followed by a cheerful group of 5 new space explorers.

The Space Academy is open to all new joiners and experienced instructors.
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Really good skilling over there !!! Really good crew .... I recommande everyone to try it at least one time ;)
i like the concept ...
i had a chance to fly with these guys and i must say this is actually working surprisingly well. keep up the good work and congrats on your success ;)
Hey moderators, could you add the prefix "EFA: " to the thread name.
Arbos Space Academy is a part of Entropia Fleet Alliance.

Ping Pathfinder XV Captain Vic Vic Vieria to take part of the training or space hunting.
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If you happen to visit Pathfinder XV, here is a free music channel to match our spirit: Electronic - Progressive

Should you want to join our travels, contact captain Vic Vic Vieira or ship members.
The space awaits!

The future is yours,
Professor Fluidum
The Academy crew successfully made the 50th warp jump!
Kudos to the entire team.

And a big thank you to all space explorers enjoying flights with Pathfinder XV.
Strange that i had a strong feeling i had already congratulated you on the endeavour but i guess not.

So :beerchug: to a gr8 start.
Today the first Vehicle Structural Engineer graduated Arbos Space Academy by passing a Rk-20 exam.
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I became an Arbos Space Academy fan the very first day I got on Professor Fluidum's Pathfinder XV.
As a noob in space, I just let myself learn all the things everybody on ship kept telling me from all sides.
The first days there on ship were crucial to me. I was like a sponge, absorbing all the words every1 told me and stored them in my mind for later use. :laugh: Very helpful information you need to know was comming from all the persons around me.
All the info they provide is very valuable information for everyone who wants to explore EU space and all the posibilities it has to offer to a player like me. And believe me, posibilities are vast, I tell you that!
You just need to experience this! Because is real team-building there on Pathfinder XV.
Consider this: you are asked to help a team hunt in space. As a noob all you have to do is skill up around them on ship doing repairs. nothing you can possibly do to help them more, because all you need to do first is keep reactor and propulsion up and running.
And you stay there, around some other guys, with no ability to see what is happening outside. You just see the force chat and you pay attention to it for new orders to come: "Repairs, go propulsion!", "Repairs, go reactor!", "Repairs, please split even over propulsion and reactor!" :bomb:
And all you have to do is trust your Captain and his gunners crew, because they are the only ones to see a pirate or a mob coming over to the ship you are in. Only them can estimate damage and only them can protect you there in space. All you do is survive there based on the messages you get from your crew, when problems show up and they need your intervention ASAP.
When you see messages pointing to you, then you know the hero moment reserved for you is there.
And you start repairing and you jump from here-to-there to do the repairs on ship so everyone can make it at Space Station alive and well.
The entire crew is AWESOME, and I need to tell you guys, once you get to understand how ship, professions, crew and space works, you will feel a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT. I say this because once you grow in skills and experience, you will notice space is really good playground we should not ran away from.
In like 2 weeks I almost got to lvl 20 in VSE, and all my other skills are blowing up.
I have lots of skills to take the real advantage of my hunts and mining now.
I can use most of the loot I get in crafting because all my manufacturing skills grow each day passes on the ship. And this is just great.

As a member of Arbos Space, I say come join us and you will not feel sorry at all! :yay:
EFA Space Academy is celebrating its first month in space!
It has been an amazing experience to the entire research team.

1st month at the Academy:
* +125 warp jumps averaging to 1 warp jump per ship visitor
* 20-25 globals from space hunts (mainly space horrors and dropships)
* 2 graduates from RK-20 exam - congrats Smoker and Blondie
* 2 quad graduates - congrats Grimmbo and quietdragon
* 4 space explorers that finished their discipleship while at the Academy
* ship upgraded to 12,3k SI per section

Most of the time the ship is in use with at least one crew member on board.
Thank you to all our supporters and everyone involved!

Come experience space at the Academy.
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Johny Astineu Brodlay becomes the 2nd captain of Pathfinder XV!

Today Vic Vic Vieria, the 1st captain of Pathfinder XV graduated from EFA Space Academy.
He handed over all his duties during the graduation ceremony to Johny and continues space travels with us as a visiting researcher.

Johny will run the ship together with his commanding officers quietdragon (US timezone) and disi smoker (EU timezone).

Thank you Vic from the entire crew!
Looking forward to seeing you back as an active researcher.

Everyone welcome Captain Johny Astineu Brodlay and his crew.
Join them to explore and learn space - all the wonders it has to offer. :)

The future is yours,
Professor Fluidum
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Arbos Space is considering rehabilitation of pirates as repair crew.
As an open EFA Space Academy I want to hear your feedback on this.

I would consider it great for the future of the Universe to have strong quad pilots across space. Trained by the best pilots in game. Piracy is not allowed on Pathfinder XV.

Our thoughts craft the future,
Professor Fluidum
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Arbos Space has set up a new European timezone captain.
Everyone, welcome Adam Skylord, European captain, and his officer Disi Smoker! :yay:

Johny Astineu, US captain, and Quietdragon continue the expeditions in the US timezone.

Pathfinder XV explores the unknown as an independent military research vessel.
We are a part of EFA, opening space to all space adventurers.
Pirates can join repair crew for voluntary rehabilitation.

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Captain Adam "Skylord" Flint here. If anyone is interested in booking a warp flight or becoming a crew member during europe times, Add me in game or send me a mail here.

Hope to see you on board!
Ah, you found a ship Skylord, grats :wtg:
I would like to be a pilot (if it will fit my playing time,European), mostly during hunting/repairing sessions (yes little HP boost), the terms on which you are taking students?
WARNING : Your are risking loosing your Mothership or Privateer by allowing "Pilots" other than yourself to pilot your ship in your absence. This news comes with the discovery that some pilots have found a way to SPEED HACK any ship they can pilot with or without you present.

Since this is a new hack, it is not clear what MA will do about it. So if you are willing to risk your investment then please ignore this warning.

I would like to be a pilot (if it will fit my playing time,European), mostly during hunting/repairing sessions (yes little HP boost), the terms on which you are taking students?

Please contact me IG or through forum mail for infomation about pilot training

Captain skylord Flint
Pathfinder XV
ah yeah...:rofl: LOL AHAHA right yeah u know what LOL again...

Great to see that you have a sense of humour :)
See you pirate-folks in space, in the crosshair as you enjoy most!

It is a joy to see space becoming more active every month.
I hope there is more to come with next upgrades.
EFA Pathfinder XV is open to the public - you are able to board and leave the ship freely.
Contact captains or their crew on board to explore space and other planets.

Usually parking at Arkadia Space Station.
EFA Pathfinder XV is open to the public - you are able to board and leave the ship freely.
Contact captains or their crew on board to explore space and other planets.

Usually parking at Arkadia Space Station.

Hey Fluidum,

isn't a trouble to have Privateers open since it's no more possible to self kick from ship? If so while undocked everyone will revive on the Privateer can't leave it until docked again or I am wrong?

If so please disable public access or it will cause lot of troubles to most of ppl instead of an advantage.

Correct me if I'm wrong, just saw about this in JBK thread and never tested myself.