Arbos Space Academy

isn't a trouble to have Privateers open since it's no more possible to self kick from ship? If so while undocked everyone will revive on the Privateer can't leave it until docked again or I am wrong?

If so please disable public access or it will cause lot of troubles to most of ppl instead of an advantage.

I'll disable should this become a problem, for now it is a great way for more people to get involved.
Experiment with courage!
Following discussion with JC, all threads regarding provision of space services are being moved to the Services forum for consistency.
Arbos Space is now accepting offers for the research vessel EFA Pathfinder XV.

Price = 45kPED Base Price + SI cost
[Gold at 110% for 15kPED total; kindly installed by Sbi]

Academy will temporarily close down it's premises for an extended sabbatical.
PM me or write to :thumbup:
The doors of EFA Pathfinder XV are open to the public once again for unspecified duration.

The ship is docked without warp capability to Arkadia Space Station with Magam, Smoker and a few friends having pilot access to carry you into Training Grounds. Park it nice after using.

Captain Random
Arbos Labs
EFA Pathfinder XV found a great new owner in Chad Wizardo Gareau! :yay:
I will take freelance role for a while keeping close ties with EFA and friends.
In seven days Arbos Labs will be disbanded.

Thank you everyone who played with me on the ship - this was a truly unique gaming experience. I will not list names, since this always runs the risk of leaving someone out, but I am grateful to all the +180 people who had access to the ship over the course of time. Special thanks go to the Arbos Academy and EFA officers/crew + other ship owners for the wealth of knowledge and support they provided. Without you the space would be empty.

Glad to see that passionate space adventurers continue to join Entropia Universe.
I am certain that space will keep growing and hope to become an active part of it once again in the future.

Wizardo is a great addition to ship owners list and I am certain Arbos spirit will continue living on the ship.

Until then, I'll focus more on RL and visit space as often as I can. :cool:

The future is yours,
Morat Fluidum Random